ALL Glitterbeard Journal Locations and Commendations



The Legend of Glitterbeard

The Legend of Glitterbeard is inspired by a man named James White—or ‘Jim.’

It seems that Jim exhibited a particularly noteworthy dedication to the players—a genuine passion not only for creating and welcoming pirates into this world but also for ensuring that this world was a haven, where pirates could fully experience the magic therein.

With the introduction of The Legend of Glitterbeard, you can now find journals that Glitterbeard has left behind—journals that keep this passion alive.

Embodying this passion—along with Jim’s kindness and compassion—Glitterbeard is a selfless guide to pirates throughout the seas.

The First Glitterbeard Journal

The first Glitterbeard journal you will discover, naturally or while on the hunt, will most likely be the My Maiden Voyage journal.

My Maiden Voyage
A book safe and snug inside, near mirth and music…

You can find the My Maiden Voyage journal in the Tavern of any Outpost on the Sea of Thieves. The journal is lying on a bench inside the Tavern just next to the entrance door. While there are multiple copies of this journal in the various Taverns, you only need to read one for this commendation.

Reading the My Maiden Voyage journal will also unlock the Glitterbeard Sail! You will find them immediately after reading the journal in the Ship Customization Chest.

Glitterbeard Journals in The Shores of Plenty

There are a total of four different Glitterbeard journals in The Shores of Plenty region.

In Good Company
A book discovered by a pirate seeking shelter and Sanctuary…

You can find the In Good Company journal on Sanctuary Outpost. Head to the beach on the Southside of Tavern and look for a flipped-over rowboat. The journal will be lying on the ground next to the rowboat.

Actions and Words
A book sleeping near the cart of an exhausted Smuggler…

You can find the Actions and Words journal on Smuggler’s Bay. Head to the middle of the bay. On the beach, you will see some broken barrels, a hanging lantern, and bamboo logs. The journal is lying on the sand underneath the hanging lantern.

Lost and Found
A book at the mouth of a cave lost upon a wanting moon…

You can find the Lost and Found journal on Crescent Isle. Head to the large tunnel at the center of the island. If you enter the tunnel from the East, you’ll find the journal laying on a rock next to the cooking spot and resource barrels on your right.

It Never Rains
A book upon the shore at the four bridged islands…

You can find the It Never Rains journal on Golden Sands Outpost. Head over to the North West beach of the Outpost. You’ll find the journal lying on a rock next to two broken rowboats just South of the dock.

Glitterbeard Journals at The Reapers Hideout

There are a total of two different Glitterbeard journals found on The Reaper’s Hideout.

An Unexpected Outcome
A book on a pier, near where masked secrets lurk and linger…

You can find the An Unexpected Outcome journal on The Reaper’s Hideout. Head to the Southside of the island to find the journal on the Southern dock.

A Strange Voyage
A book on a rock, gazing out over Death’s domain…

You can find A Strange Voyage on The Reaper’s Hideout. It is lying on the ground near a large boulder just outside the main Reaper’s Bones structure.

From the Reaper’s Bones structure, walk North over the small bridge and go immediately West towards the dock. Before you reach the dock, you should see the journal lying on the ground to your right near a large rock boulder. There is also a sketch placed on the large rock boulder you are looking for.

Glitterbeard Journals in The Ancient Isles

There are a total of 11 different Glitterbeard journals in The Ancient Isles.

Soul Searching
A book at a camp, where plundering pirates made their home…

You can find the Soul Searching journal on Plunder Outpost. It is lying on the sand near the beach camp found just outside the Equipment Shop on the Outpost. You’ll find it laying at the foot of a rowboat and paddle sticking out of the sand near the Cooking Spot.

My First Gold
A book at the heart of a tiny island to the far south…

You can find the My First Gold journal on Booty Isle. Head to the middle of the island and you’ll find the journal on top of one of three Resource Barrels grouped.

Making Music
A book left behind at Hunter’s old camp…

You can find the Making Music journal on Shark Bait Cove. The journal is leaning against some buckets in Merrick’s old fishing camp located on the island’s South West outer ring.

Head in the Clouds
A book waiting to be discovered, near a mighty ridge…

You can find the Head in the Clouds journal on Discovery Ridge. Head to the Westernmost side of the island to find a shipwreck. Near the shipwreck will be a small camp where the journal is.

Our New Home
A soggy book lurks at a great, round island to the west…

You can find the Our New Home journal on Plunder Valley. It is lying in the water at the base of the waterfall just underneath the giant eagle-shaped peak found on the island’s Westside. You’ll find it just next to the wooden bridge at the foot of the waterfall.

Flags of Friendship
A book cast away by a pirate who’d had too much to drink…

You can find the Flags of Friendship journal on Castaway Isle. It is lying on the sand on the Northern side of the island next to some broken rum bottles.

A book gazing upon the open sea, near to a faithful friend…

You can find the Reunion journal on Stephen’s Spoils. It is sitting on a wooden stool on the dock near Merrick.

Glitterbeard Journals in The Ancient Isles (cont.)

Fleets of Flame
A book perched crookedly atop a steep slope, high overhead…

You can find the Fleets of Flame journal on Crook’s Hollow. Head to the island’s highest level and find the cannon on the South West cliff that faces out West. You’ll find the journal lying on top of a Resource Barrel next to the cannon under the shade of a large tree.

A Tavern of Legends
A book in the greenery, where elysian waters bubble forth…

You can find the A Tavern of Legends journal on Paradise Spring. Head to the center of the island where you will find a small pool of water. On a rock ledge that surrounds the water will be the journal.

Shopping and Supplies
A book that waits upon the edge of a heavy, bladed weapon…

You can find the Shopping and Supplies journal on Cutlass Cay. Head to the Northside of the island and you will find the journal on a rock next to two Resource Barrels.

Easy Come, Easy Go
A book in the beach shelter of one who sought safe harbor…

You can find the Easy Come, Easy Go journal on Thieves’ Haven. Head to the East side of the island to find a shipwreck on the beach. Inside the hull of the shipwreck will be the journal lying on the ground.

Glitterbeard Journals in The Wilds

There are a total of three different Glitterbeard journals in The Wilds.

A New Flag to Fly
A book waiting were pirates who speak sharply come to rest…

You can find the A New Flag to Fly journal on Dagger Tooth Outpost. It is lying on the ground in the beach camp in the bay of the Outpost. You’ll find the beach camp just in front of the Gold Hoarder Trading Company representative.

Wrecks of the Lost
A book near where an old lantern still burns faithfully…

You can find the Wrecks of the Lost journal on Old Faithful Isle. It is located near a set of Resource Barrels on top of the large arch at the island’s center.

Feathered Friends
A book waits where a mighty ship crests twin peaks…

You can find the Feathered Friends journal on Galleon’s Grave Outpost. It is sitting on top of a Resource Barrel on the West side of the Outpost’s Southern dock.

The Legend of Glitterbeard

While you can read the journals in any order, The Legend of Glitterbeard journal will most likely be the last one you find. Once you find and read the last Glitterbeard journal, you will unlock the very special Glitter Beard and the Glitterbeard Cannon Flare.

The Legend of Glitterbeard
Carry on the Legend

Location: Plunder Valley

Head to the Northwest part of the island and locate a tree with 16 bottles hanging from it. There are 8 circles of sand surrounding the tree, you need one player per circle with the appropriate instrument out.

South – Hurdy Gurdy
Southwest – Drum
West – Banjo
Northwest – Concertina (Accordion)
North – Hurdy Gurdy
Northeast – Drum
East – Banjo
Southeast – Concertina (Accordion)

Upon the Golden hour (10 pm – 11 pm in-game time) or visually as the sun is just about to go below the water, crewmates should start playing the Be calmed shanty and continue to play until the vault opens. Players will know that it is working by the glass bottles lighting up they take time to all light so just continue to play.

The final Journal can be found in the Tree House vault on top of a dresser.

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