Ask Valorant – Ranked Rating details


Since Valorant released the Ranked Rating (RR) system, there has been some confusion over the link with MMR and what all that means when you are trying to climb the ranks.  This week’s Ask Valorant edition helps explain it all. It is a bit of a read, but the details are good to really fully understand what’s going on.

  • If your MMR is higher than your rank, you will gain more RR on wins than losses
  • If your MMR is lower than your rank, you will gain less RR on wins and more on losses
  • If your MRR matches your rank, wins and losses will be around the same RR changes

So, let’s go into the details a bit more.

Valorant’s Match Making Rating (MMR) and Ranked Rating (RR) are not the same.  They consider the MMR like a ladder system.  So when you win and lose games, your placement on the ladder changes.  This is different than your RR, as you could go on a good stream and climb in RR, but be still in a lower part of the ladder.  So, there is a combination of win% and your RR.  Valorant’s hope is that the longer you play, you will converge to your true MMR and rank.  Additionally, it make it so that you need to win more often than lose to really prove you are deserving of your MMR and your rank.


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