AwakenbakoN | Retro | Wrestling


Heya’! I am AwakenbakoN, I was born when the first videogame boom happened, arcades were hot and before I knew anything I had an Atari 2600 controller in my hand when I did know what I was doing the NES was a thing and I never looked back. I was around for the 3, 8, 16-bit generations and beyond. I will probably die with a controller in my hand (if controllers are still a thing in the future). I am a streamer on Twitch and a sorta’ YouTuber. If it has something to do with games, game tech, game mechanics, or professional wrestling you have my attention. My gaming knowledge is vast, my experience is real and my skills are fair. One thing you should always remember, I’m never angry but I am always “The Mad Gamer”.