Black Ops Cold War League Play


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Finally Added League Play....

My Thoughts & Opinions on League Play

People have been asking for a competitive/ranked mode for Black Ops Cold War since it was released, and the time has finally come. In the latest update that dropped, Cold War decided to integrate a ranked mode called League Play. I was excited to finally be receiving a ranked mode for Cold War but when I seen the ranking system, my hope started to deteriorate. It’s the same layout that Treyarch used in Black Ops 4. Although it is fun to play, I don’t think there is much of a reward when you win multiple games and climb your “ladder”. Most people would rather have an ELO ranked system where you have ranks such as: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc. I think the idea of climbing up through ranks during a season is way more fun/rewarding than being placed in a division and trying to collect the most points in the specific ladder. In my opinion I would choose the WW2 ranked system over the Black Ops 4/Black Ops Cold War ranking system any day.

How League Play Works and How To Rank Up!

When you first enter the League Play mode you have to play 5 placement games and then you are put into a division (Image 1).
The divisions are: 
  • Competitor (Bottom 50%)
  • Advanced (Top 50%)
  • Expert (Top 20%)
  • Elite (Top 10%)
  • Master (Top 2%). 

Once you are placed into a division, you are put into a ladder with 50 other players that are in your same division. You and these players are competing to reach the Top 25 people within your ladder to be able to earn gems. You earn ladder points by competing and winning games, the more games you win in a row, the more ladder points you will earn. But be careful, if you lose a game, you will lose ladder points. You also earn ladder points by just logging in and playing everyday.  Depending on your ladder placement at the end of an event, you earn gems, which increase your League Rank (Image 2). If you place in the Top 25 of your division you are guaranteed to earn gems to help you rank up. If you are able to rank up to Rank 5 (Scorpion), 10 (Eagle), 15 (Snake), 20 (Bear), 25 (Lion) or 30 (Dragon) you will earn a League Play calling card that you will be able to use and show off while playing regular Multiplayer.

Image 1
Image 2

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