“Breeze” – New Valorant Map Teaser Released

With the first episode of act 2 coming to an end, season 2 will be coming with a new map.  Valorant twitter released these three new images to tease the new map.

As you can see, all three images show a very warm and tropical theme, unlike the frozen map like Icebox. The images also show stone walls and archways, and luxury yacht, and beautiful coastlines.  The words, “Discover”, “Escape” and “Wander” are on these images.  This gives me the feeling of a nice island vacation spot!  Some of these teasers have already been showing up in the game on the billboards on the existing maps.

Also mentioned in the tweet is that the new map will be called, “Breeze”.

We will all find out more in the coming days as the act ends in 5 more days! Break out those Pina Coladas!

Image Credits:
Riot Games