Cody Bishop | squalltastix | Variety


Hello, my name is Cody, and my online alias is squalltastix. I am an avid gamer who has been gaming since I was a child. I enjoy RPG’s and JRPG’s the most, but I consider myself a variety gamer. I started on Twitch a couple years back, but I didn’t get into Twitch majorily until June 2020. In July, I kicked off as a part-time streamer who streams to give viewers a place to unload issues they are having and just an overall good vibe community. I like to emphasize on topics that are uplifting and encouraging to my viewers. My community is called Out-Of-Tune Acapella Gaming to me usually singing songs on stream. Due to DMCA, I backed off but hopefully plan to rebuild on this. I also full time mod, so you may see me around Twitch that way as well.