Are you interested in writing about video games?  Enjoy keeping up with the Twitch and Streaming Community?

Cracked Gaming would love to welcome you, although it is on an unpaid basis. However, writing with us will help you hone your writing skills, receiving perks, and a fun atmosphere to work in with others that are also passionate about gaming.

As a writer, you’ll be creating reviews, previews, editorials, and writing about things happening in the streaming community.

We understand this is a norm in the gaming space and although we would love to pay everyone, it’s just not possible this early on as a start-up.  That being said, most of our community are also content creators and we understand the power of assisted growth.

We do something here that not many others, if any, allow.  We encourage all of our writers to add their information into their posts where people can find your streams, youtube videos, etc.  Doing so should greatly help promote your brand and help you generate a bigger fan base and increased revenue.

For more information, join our discord server, or contact us at