Cracked Gaming is looking for content creators!


Cracked Gaming will begin accepting applications for becoming a content creator within our platform.  We are looking for various content creators / streamers that can help provide showcase all things gaming.

Ideally we will be looking for people that enjoy writing articles about anything gaming related, being whatever you are passionate about.  For those that like video/editing more, we are also looking for some people to help with our upcoming youtube channel, which will focus around our squads and upcoming tournaments.

We originated as a small but helpful discord community that dedicated our time to help small streamers, most becoming affiliate and partners, and have moved on to this as our major platform.  Our goal is still very much the same.  We have a vision of this website being half news and all community.  What other major gaming website is going to allow others the freedom to publish their creativity on their page? On top of that, anyone that helps contribute to this vision will also have their stream and social media on full display to all of our website and discord viewers to also help your brand/stream grow in return.

If you would like more information about this, please visit our discord channel ( and make a post in our content creator section.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.