Current Killer Instinct Insurrection League Standings 1/22/21


Current Top 16:

Tied for 1st/2nd: Delta Rayquaza and Bass – 190 points
3rd: Daa Chronicle – 170 Points
4th: Alex V – 150 Points
5th: Geremy Kato – 125 Points
6th: Letalis Venator – 70 Points
7th: UndeadGamer – 60 Points
8th: SVM – 55 Points
Tied for 9th/10th: Ztrain and Wheels – 50 Points
11th: N1ghtslash – 30 Points
Tied for 12th/13th: Aphex and Fluffy – 25 Points
14th: Trevward – 20 Points
Tied for 15th/16th: Carnitas, Skatefast, and Valoraxe – 15 Points

In the event of a tie for the final slots at the end of Qualifier #4, there will be a Round Robin style exhibition, and the players with the best scores will auto qualify and be seeded according to score.

If you missed the Top 8, the VOD is below!

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