Dead by Daylight Adept Achievements



Since the beginning of Dead by Daylight, there have always been these pesky little achievements called ‘Adept (insert killer/survivor name here)’. Despite being a seasoned player in the fog, I never gave much thought to obtaining these achievements or others until recently when I discovered I had, at the time, 152 of the 209 total achievements. With the recent chapter release ‘Forged in Fog’, they added 6 more bringing that total to 215.

There are many more achievements than just the adept ones, but that isn’t what this article is about. The purpose here is to give a little guidance and tips and tricks to obtaining these.

Adept Survivor Achievements

When it comes to the survivor side of the adept achievements, there isn’t much to talk about in terms of tips and tricks. While having that survivor’s 3 unique perks equipped, you must escape the trial to obtain the adept achievement for that survivor. For example; if playing as Claudette Morel for the adept, you would have to have the perks of Botany Knowledge, Empathy, and Self-Care equipped.

It may sound like a simple task to just escape, but depending on the map and killer you’re up against, as well as your teammates, it can be quite difficult. Personally, for all my adept survivor achievements, I brought in a med-kit with extra charges add-ons alongside an offering to thicken the mist. However, if there are certain maps you think you can escape from more often than others, you could also bring that map offering. Just know your survivor had to be at least level 10 to attempt the achievement as that’s when the third perk slot unlocks.

Adept Killer Achievements

This is where it can get a little tricky trying to obtain as it requires the killer to have their 3 unique perks, the ‘Merciless Killer’ title upon leaving the match, and simply achieving a 4k (killing all 4 survivors) isn’t enough. To make matters worse, the requirements for obtaining that title differ between different ranks/grades.

Ash and Bronze Grades- To obtain Merciless Killer, you must acquire at least two Iridescent Emblems and Gold Emblems among the 4 categories.

Silver and Gold Grades- At least 3 Iridescent and 1 Gold Emblem are needed.

Iridescent Grade- All 4 Emblems must be Iridescent.

That being said, these are the 4 categories and what you need to know about them:

Rank reset would be the best day to attempt some of these achievements as you will be reset back to Ash IV to climb your way back to the top, requiring just two gold and two iridescent emblems. As you rank up, it’ll make it more difficult. Playing poorly on purpose for a game or two after, at least in silver and gold ranks, could help keep the pips down so you won’t rank up too fast. That can be boring though and kind of cheesy but to each their own.

As for the killers themselves, much like the survivors, there is no restriction for add-ons or offerings, so use what works best for you and your play style. For me, as an example, when I tried for my Adept Doctor achievement, I used both iridescent king and queen add-ons and got the achievement on the first try. On the other hand, for Myers, aka The Shape, I used Scratched Mirror with Boyfriend’s Memo and sent us to RPD to achieve Adept Shape. It depends on your preference and style of play.

That’s all the advice this gamer has to offer regarding the Adept Achievements of both Killer and Survivor in Dead by Daylight. However, if you need advice for other achievements, you can reach me at any of my socials attached to my image below. Even if you simply have any questions or comments about what you’ve read, or perhaps it helped you out in some way. Feel free to reach out and let me know! Til next time, keep on gaming, gamers!