Dead by Daylight Bone Chill Event 2022


Seasons greetings to all you killers and survivors out there looking to gain some insight on this year’s iteration of the Dead by Daylights Bone Chill event that began on December 8th and will continue through January 4th, 2023. Though it may have the guise of being the same event from last year, there are a few noteworthy changes you all should know about, and will be discussed below.


Sadly there are no special offerings this year as every hook and generator in each game is automatically treated as event-related. Though there are no fun add-ons for killers, the return of the Winter Party Starters for survivors are available in the blood web and in chests during the trials.

The Event Tome

The tome for this year’s event is not too dissimilar to last year’s with relatively easy challenges to complete and offers two new outfits for David King and The Dredge, Ugly Sweaters for Haddie Kaur and the newest survivor Vittorio Toscano, and a new weapon cosmetic for both Huntress and Deathslinger. Let’s not forgot about the classic ‘Frosty Eyes’ cosmetic which will be available for The Dredge and The Knight. And for you fans of charms, there are a couple available in the tome as well.

The Snowmen Return

Last year introduced snowmen that survivors could hop into and roam around without any worries as taking a hit would destroy the snowman, leaving them unharmed. That changes this year making it so you lose a health state. If that wasn’t enough good news for killers, it gets better as killers can also now enter the snowmen. This, in turn, hides their terror radius and red stain, although there is a slight visual bug sometimes with the red stain still showing through. So if you want some real spoopy plays, maybe bring in Insidious or other fun perks to hide the red stain and terror radius as well.

That pretty much covers all you need to know regarding DBD’s Bone Chill event! If you have any feedback on questions about the article, or even just want to have a little chat, feel free to reach out to me through one of the links attached to my logo below. If not, that’s okay too. Either way, thanks for reading! And as always, keep gaming, gamers!