Dead by Daylight New DLC : Introducing The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee


As always with Dead by Daylight, The Entity has pulled in another killer and a survivor in the new DLC in chapter XIX: All -Kill.  Introducing The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee. 

The Killer


Ji-Woon Hak or “The Trickster” is the twenty-third killer The Entity has pulled into its ranks of the murderous horde. 

I personally enjoyed his backstory. K- pop star who takes the sounds of his victims to help make his music. They don’t always include how the survivor fits into the killer’s backstory and a lot of the time just seem randomly picked. This one however knew and worked with his survivor, which to me makes the two so much better. I like when the backstories of the two are tied in together. I really enjoyed that The Entity labeled as “The Fog” in this story had pulled both of them in together from the same place and time. 

The Trickster being shown the realms of The Entity through this fog knew all he had to do is accept the offer to keep making his music with his victims.



As for playing as him, there is a lot to be said about him. People all have their opinions on him and some agree with each other and some don’t. That’s ok! Here we are going to talk about a few of what people are saying.

There has been a hacker in dead by daylight for a little while now. Yes I know there are a lot of them but this one just seems more trolly and personally I find watching videos on him funny. It’s The Ghostface. With his insane stabbing / throwing knives, flying you up to the moon to give you Michael Myers Mori, to running so fast while carrying you. I love seeing clips of this Ghostface.

I bring this up as The Trickster’s throwing knives and his power has been reminding a lot of people of this Ghostface. Some are saying it’s like the DEVs saw the Ghostface and said “Yes. I like that.”

There’s a group saying that The Trickster’s power seems more like the update that The Legion needed and didn’t get.

Then the group who are wondering why is he called The Trickster? They don’t see why the DEVs named him that when it doesn’t look like he has any. 

My opinion on these comments is I can see where people can see these things. I think The Trickster’s name is more from his backstory and his perks. Sometimes hackers or modders give the DEVs ideas. That’s ok! 



Your unmatched showmanship dazzles all.

Starstruck activates when you are carrying a Survivor.
Whenever a Survivor enters or re-enters your Terror Radius, they suffer from the Exposed Status Effect.

The Exposed Status Effect lingers for 26/28/30 seconds after leaving your Terror Radius.
Starstruck cools down for 60 seconds once a Survivor is no longer carried.

“Enjoy this moment, few get so close.” — Ji-Woon Hak

HEX: Crowd Control

A Hex that ensures those lesser than you are properly herded.

The Entity blocks a Window for 10/12/14 seconds after a Survivors performs a rushed vault through it.

The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

“You have no control. People like you never did.” — Ji-Woon Hak

No Way Out

You’re not going to let just anyone into the VIP room.

For each of the Survivors you manage to hook, No Way Out gains a Token.
When the last Generator is repaired, The Entity blocks both Exit Gate Switches for 10 seconds and an additional 4/6/8 seconds per Token in your possession, up to a combined maximum of 26/34/42 seconds.

“That sound when you bleed… let me hear it again” — Ji-Woon Hak

The Survivor


Yun-Jin Lee is the twenty-fifth survivor to join the ranks. 

As for her backstory personally, I’m not really feeling it but it’s a nice story. I may be jaded by how her perks are for just her and not the team but I’m more of a team player as it is a team of four against the killer. 

But she always had a love for music since she was little so she can’t be all that bad.


Honestly haven’t played her yet and haven’t heard anything to say how she is during a match or how her perks do any game-changer thing like a lot of the learnable perks do. 

Just another survivor to play. *shrugs*


Sometimes the sacrifice of others is necessary to get ahead.

Whenever another Survivor is hooked, Fast Track gains 1/2/3 Token(s), up to a maximum of 9/18/27 Tokens.

You consume all accumulated Tokens after a Great Skill Check on a Generator.
Each Token grants a stack-able 1% Progression bonus in addition to the default Progression bonus for succeeding in a Great Skill Check.
“The weak are sacrificed first. It’s nature, it’s business… it’s the truth most refuse to face.” — Yun-Jin Lee

When your rival makes a mistake, you seize the opportunity. After stunning the Killer with a Pallet, break into a sprint at 150 % of your normal running speed for a maximum of 4 seconds. Smash Hit causes the Exhausted Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds. Smash Hit cannot be used when Exhausted. “I’ve dealt with psychopaths in suits. You’re just uglier and worse dressed.” — Yun-Jin Lee
Life is unforgiving. The more confirmation you get of that, the more prepared you become. Whenever another Survivor is hit with a Basic or Special Attack within 12 metres of you, Self-Preservation activates: You will not leave any Scratch Marks for the next 6/8/10 seconds. When injured, Grunts of Pain are reduced by 100 % for the next 6/8/10 seconds. Bleeding is suppressed for the next 6/8/10 seconds. “Something I learnt in the industry: when the axe is swinging, keep your head down.” — Yun-Jin Lee

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