Dead By Daylight: Stranger Things Leave The Realms


Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Escapes The Entity

Yes you read that right. Stranger Things is leaving the realm soon but not fully. The dead by Daylight Twitter announced this earlier this month.

This means after November 17th anything that involves Stranger Things while no longer be in the store. But until then there is a 50% sale going on for anything dealing with Stranger Things. So if you don’t have the DLC Stranger Things yet or wanting some new looks for them, now is the time to buy them. 

The good news is you do get to keep them. So if you already have it or about to buy you won’t lose them when Nov. 17th rolls around.  You just can’t get any new clothing or looks afterwards.

Also the map Hawkins Lab. will be gone as well. So go ahead and use up your map offerings now to say good bye to the lab. I will be missing it once it’s gone. I always loved the indoor maps and the lab was one of my favorites. 

Don’t worry if you get some friends to join you after Nov. 17th though as the Stranger Things perks will be moved around to allow anyone to get them. So the DBD team is working hard to keep us in the loop and in the perks!

Good Luck in the realms!

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