Dead By Daylight x Resident Evil


Dead By Daylight X Resident Evil

Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical game that’s coming up on its 5th birthday!

Just a few days ago Resident Evil had its 25th birthday.

Now how are these two games connected other than being known for their horror?  Well, Resident Evil announced they are joining The Fog during its anniversary stream earlier this week.

Exciting news for both fan bases!

Dead By Daylight’s YouTube channel posted the 23 seconds video on their end so if you missed here check it out.

We know for sure we are getting the Umbrella Corp charm – A exclusive chapter item – in June 2021.  

We also see the charm fall from it sounds like Felix – another survivor that was released back with The Blight. That’s going to show you I play this game too much haha

But then again this could be the new survivor! We don’t know yet. 

We also don’t know who or what will be the killer. We do hear zombies in the background as The Fog rolls in but that could be just for effect or it could mean something. Dead By Daylight has always left an air of mystery when doing teasers for their next chapter.  

There are many options for them to pick from but we also have to think about what Resident Evil would want to be in another game. Are the choices limited? Can we get a vampire lady? A girl can only dream of that.

This teaser didn’t show anything about a new map but are we getting one? Maybe another lab? How about that flashlight. Dead By Daylight flashlights are silver in color where this one was black. Maybe it was nothing but we can’t rule it out.

I’m hoping they do an event for this release. Can you picture it? Zombies, you have to purge before doing gens? Maybe farfetched but personally would like to shake things up!

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