DEVOUR: Anna is now playable and more!


Yeah. You read that right. Anna Puerta, the first possessed antagonist for DEVOUR, is now a playable character! I am so glad for this as she deserved to come into the game, like her friends who came to help her. Granted we ended up burning her along with her goats and she was taken by a demon but hey we all have bad days.

Now I don’t think she looks like her picture, but I think we can excuse that (as stated above – she’s been through a lot) She even got her skin featured above.  Not a huge fan of it but I like the idea they had there. I am so excited to see her playable now. She’s always been the more chilled possessed lady of the three.  If you have already beat hard mode on any of the maps, you’re in luck! Anna is unlocked and waiting for you to play! If you haven’t beaten any maps yet on hard mode, that should be your next step. 

Now that wasn’t the only thing in this update though. We got a new perk!


Increases movement speed by 30% for 20 seconds after using a battery.

Hellfire (above) Snakeskin (below)

Flashlight Skins

They have also given us four flashlight skins. Three of which you earn by playing the game and getting the tokens to spend on them and Hellfire you spend some money on for. I know for sure I am getting Hellfire. It looks so cool.


One of the best things about this game are the prices. Honestly the game itself is 5 dollars. With it you have access to everything. All you got to do is play it to earn robes, a unlockable character, tokens to get perks. All for five dollars. The skins in game are also pretty cheap being about a dollar fifty a piece. 

For a game that’s so good, I would have paid more for. This is one of the many reasons I will always point any horror fans to DEVOUR because it offers a lot to its players.

Relic (above) False Idol (below)

Farmhouse Changes

Boy, this update the amazing developers did so much already, but they weren’t done! The farmhouse for those of us who have played this game was classed the easier map, even on nightmare mode. Well, the devs said bet.

The altar pit now requires a long interaction to pour the gasoline. Imagine my surprise when I found this out the hard way while showing some new players how to play. So, like with the eggs on The Inn map and using the medkits you have to hold still for a few seconds before the action is complete. this helps evens out the difficulty between maps, makes perks more useable on not just The Inn. I’m all for this! I enjoy this game and I enjoy seeing it be reworked. 

Also, Anna will now stand still to scream on a goat burn except when chasing someone. This was a bug in the game that could break the audio logic. Now fixing this made The Farmhouse easier. So, the long pause for the gasoline countered it. Personally, as I stated The Farmhouse was the easier of the three maps so this ad just makes it better.

Want even more news? More DEVOUR?! Well, how about a new map? You’re in luck! DEVOUR’s next map is going to be released in 2022 (I know no month has been given yet. These guys know how to keep me on the edge of my chair) But we know that the first guy to be possessed is going to be Sam.  I’m happy to see them going through the first characters before working on our newest cult members.  Makes me wonder, is the unlockable cultist going to have a map? Or maybe be part of an old map? Guess time will tell.

Check out the full changelog and updates by clicking on the button below! Have fun!

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