DEVOUR: Christmas Update


Bloody Robe

DEVOUR developers are coming by wishing us all a Merry Christmas!

Just like the Halloween event, we can go out and find and collect Christmas presents throughout all three maps! Once you have collected thirty of these gifts you unlock a new permeant robe: Bloody Robe!

(I heard they hand-wrapped each of these… from a demon goat, confirmed by a rat. They wouldn’t lie to me)

Not only do we get a new robe but from now (December 9th) till December 27th, we will have a 2x exp boost! 

Unlike the Halloween event where I was unable to play and couldn’t get the awesome pumpkin robe, I will be working for this one! So, stay tuned because I will be going in this weekend to start collecting gifts!  Which now sort of makes me think of Easter eggs… But none the less I will get another post and video out on Cracked Gaming’s YouTube out soon on where you too can find the gifts!

This is a small update so not much to talk about on this one. To read the full article and check out the fixes the team did be sure to check out the post they did use the button below!

I hope you enjoy the 2x exp and try not to be naughty. Remember, Azazel is watching…

Gloomy is a variety streamer on Twitch. If you have any questions, click the link below to visit and chit chat. She’s always willing help or play!