DEVOUR: New Map, The Inn, including a Fan Art Contest


Devour New Map Update! The Inn!

So the time is coming for the new map for Devour and I am so excited about this! I fell in love with this game and have been keeping an eye on it. So in case, you didn’t see this on steam or Twitter… Here we go!

Be sure to check out the links posted with this as it gives more details!

Art Contest

If you didn’t know the developers made a contest within the Devour discord. Fans have been submitting some amazing art pieces! I have really enjoyed seeing all of them and good luck to each one of them! Whoever wins gets their piece of art added to the new map: The Inn. The developer team is gonna have a hard picking which art to go into the new map. Glad I don’t have that job! 

The Inn

From what the developers released earlier seems like we are taking a trip to Japan! Because we follow Zara back home where – you guessed it – decided to try to summon the goat demon Azazel but the demon is keeping his word on coming back for the groups’ souls. 

Shame really because since I’ve played I’ve always played Zara. Gonna be weird not being able to this time around but I will manage, somehow.

Anyways… If you didn’t understand all that – Zara; the woman who is secretly terrified of cats (yes that’s my reasoning for liking her, don’t judge) is going to be the one chasing you down this time.  But seems Azazel pick up some new tricks. This time he will be possessing her and having her switch between her real form and a giant spider, commanding hordes of spiders. Demonic spiders that are venomous mind you. So if you may have a fear of spiders but love Devour… good luck to you. 

I love that Azazel seems to be growing and changing. Realizing his normal tactics weren’t working a.k.a. us crazy gamers decide to mess with him.  Personally, I sort of hoped when it was Zara’s turn she would have something to do with her fear as demons normally feed on that but I’m still really excited for this. 

Another thing I hope to see is that Molly still isn’t playable on this map as yes we did stop Azazel but the ending scene in The Asylum map pretty much ends up being Molly’s end. If you can play her on this map does that mean he didn’t take her soul? Or Anna’s soul if that’s the case. 

Maybe I’m just looking too far into it but I think that would be a neat twist for later on. It could go a few different ways. If Molly is playable could Azazel still have a hold on her? Is Anna gonna be making an appearance as a playable now? Will they appear again to torment the surviving members of The Watchers in a new game? A new map somewhere down the road?  

It was also announced that they want to put other features for us to enjoy. Like a ranking/leveling system and something exciting, player perks. I’ve wondered what they mean by this part. Guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens in the future for Devour. 

Enough of my rumbles as I could go on forever on this game. It really has caught me and I keep dragging my friends along to visit Anna and Molly.  So if you are a fan and excited for this new map to come out, the developers say they are aiming to release this new map by the start of October 2021. As before this update will be free. So hopefully they can release this by Halloween because I’m sure I can get a few more souls for Azazel for Halloween gaming. Yes, you can insert evil laughter with thunder going off in the background. 

If you want to read the whole article done posted by the development team please check out the link below and be sure to follow them on Twitter or even come join the Devour discord.  Until next time!

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