DEVOUR: The Asylum map update


Devour came out with a new map called The Asylum and the Horror Crew decided Devour is the game that grouped us that we should check it out!

As always Devour delivers with its new map and chapter.

I have to say whoever is voicing these lines; I love your voice. 

But after listening to the introduction for the new map you realize that this map is a new chapter in the series. With Molly being crazy and the force of this new map; Molly is not playable on this map. You can still use her on the farm map.

Once you load in you find yourself in the dark with the ding of an elevator. Unlike the farm where you start outside, there is no outside. You are stuck inside with Molly and the demons. For me, that seems worse. At the farm, I could go outside and recollect myself but here? No. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

It feels huge and I know some people argued with me but with the map being nothing but a building with 4 levels, one level with only one way up and down. (unless you jump) I know I’ve been stuck up there a few times with Molly blocking the only way. But as I said I feel like this map is bigger also harder to get around. 

I think that’s one of the better parts of this map though. It changed what you already knew about the game greatly.

The best part is the game just continues where you left off. The two maps are connected but very separate. You see with the farm map you have to find hay, gas, and goats. The asylum is rotten food, fuse, and rats. The only thing that doesn’t change is the medkits. 

May I just say that both the rats and the goats are cute and I dislike having to burn them. haha

Another difference is where Anna is waiting for you to walk up to her on the farm map, Molly is waiting in the basement, laying on the table. So until you flip the switch you are free to roam around all the unlocked rooms to gather the supplies.

Once you flip the switch though she starts her creepy walk around the whole map with demons spawning randomly.

Here we were figuring out what items we had to find in the asylum to complete the mission.

A plate of gross stuff is the rotten food needed to catch the rats.

Fuses to power the electric table to “burn” the rats.

Medkits to revive your fallen friends.

Once you got yourself a rat you bring it back to the table on which Molly was laying on at the start. Place a fuse into the fusebox and flip the switch to burn the rat. 

Word of advice though. I won’t start burning the rats or goats depending on what map you are on until you either gather all of them in a room nearby or nowhere they are like the more you burn the more Molly and Anna get upset and attacks.

So until you got everything set up I would just leave the burning alone. After 6 goats or rats burned the ladies go crazy and with very little downtime for you to keep up. So become loot goblins and store your items!

In recent news, the developers made an update! Update 1.3 introduces batteries and some minor fixes to some issues that after so many games played by us that we didn’t even know were a problem. The reviving should be fixed which is great news. That was something we did see but being glitched into a wall or a hole near the fireplace in the asylum, I didn’t know about.

They are also working on another map which they hope to have out before Halloween of this year. Very exciting news!

If you wish to read up on the update please check out the link below.

Batteries will be an optional game mechanic to instantly recharge your UV light. The team even made them a thing for nightmare mode which starts you off with no UV light. So now with this mechanic, you can have some UV to fight against the demons. The demons spawn more and more as you burn the animals so this will really help to keep your runway clear. But depending on what mode you are playing on will determine how many batteries will spawn on the map. 

Luckily though they are a respawnable item like everything else. So if you haven’t been able to get nightmare mode done or maybe find hard a little too hard for you this new item will help you out!

I can’t wait to get the group together to see the changes and go bug the lovely ladies again!

Written by Gloomy.

Gloomy is a variety streamer on Twitch. If you have any questions click the link below to visit and chit chat. She’s always willing help or play!