DEVOUR: Update! With exciting news for fans!


Update 2.1

OK! The devs came in hot with this update.  They made my night with one piece of news they released, let’s get into it! Check out the article they made on Steam and be sure to rate it up!

Changelog Overview

So I will hold onto the exciting news (unless you skipped ahead and read it) until the end. There is still some good news though!

A lot of bugs have been fixed with Zara on The Inn. Like her unable to enrage due to player blocking, or fixed item duplications that could happen while cleaning or dropping an item when being knocked out.

6 new achievements for no medkits or batteries. Yes, now you will have a choice to have medkits in-game or not. Get a little daring.

Improvements to hiding spots to prevent players from getting stuck. (yay)

A good change is letting the player decide if they want to use perks vs not using perks instead of the host deciding that for the group. Gives everyone a little more room to play the game how they want to but still playing with others.

So a lot of good fixes that were needed came out in this patch.

Upcoming Content

Ok so here comes the exciting news with the only bad news being things listed below don’t have a release date yet but this is still really cool.

  • New outfits
  • More perks
  • New maps
  • Customizable flashlights
  • VR support
  • New playable character: Anna

That’s right. I moved them around in order of what I’m most excited about. So of course Anna coming in as a playable character is exciting news to me! I think since The Asylum map came out, I’ve been saying how Anna should be playable especially since we can play Molly in The Inn after everything that happened in The Asylum.

Now to see how she will look in-game because we already have a picture of her at The Farmhouse. So if you guessed by the image for this article that the exciting news was about Anna. Well done. We can be friends. If you didn’t guess… don’t worry DEVOUR is where we can make friends.

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