Devour: What To Do With Rats!


Devour Asylum

So you spent some time in Asylum and Lordy is it different huh? Trash cans, rotten food, and a crazy Molly tip toeing through the daisies towards you. There’s a lot of difference between this map and the farm house.  Like those little rats. I mean real rats not rat rats… it makes sense. Wondering what to do with them? I got you! Below I’m going explain what my friends and I do with them.

So hopefully you can understand the doodles of the pieces of the map I have below as this shows and explains where we put the rats at before we even start zapping them. 

First things you should do is find all the items and rats and figure out where you want to place them. What we do is place all the items down in the Ritual area / basement.


Basement / Ritual area

The purple spot is where we place all the fuses so it’s easy to grab and throw into the power box.
Red square for medkits because let’s face it… Molly is gonna get someone!
Now the rotten food is the tricky part. This depends on where you put your rats as if you place them in the warden’s bedroom it’s not so bad but if you want to place them downstairs you need to keep the food away from the rats. The blue marks show where you can place the food depending on where you place the rats.

First Floor

Showing this area as the drop down point from the second floor warden’s quarters.

Second Floor

Once you gotten up from the first floor to the second; the warden’s area is on the left. You’ll know you’re there because it’s three rooms. The last room, the bedroom, is great to place the rats in as there is 2 doors keeping them in and you have the drop down area in the middle room that brings you to the first floor near the basement stairway.

Makes it easy to get the rats down and avoid Molly running around.

So just remember to collect before you start the zapping because it becomes harder and harder to get through the demons and Molly zooming around. So good luck and don’t get frustrated! Molly’s just protecting her rat friends!

Gloomy is a variety streamer on Twitch. If you have any questions click the link below to visit and chit chat. She’s always willing help or play!