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So, you decided to play as the killer.  When you first start off you will have a small selection of killers to pick from. Just because these killers are the base game killers does not mean they aren’t good. The Nurse for example when a experience survivor loads into the match and they first hear the tall tale signs of a Nurse blinking they will be thinking ‘Please be a baby Nurse. Please be a baby Nurse.’ Because a good Nurse is scary.

                                                        Advice from Ranked Killers

I may know a lot about this game but, I don’t normally play killer as I tend to play with friends and viewers a lot. Thus, Killer rank is low but I spoke with some of the best rank one killers I know for some tips and advice they would give to someone just starting out. 

The five that agreed are experience tournament killers all being rank one with a lot of matches under their belts.  Funny enough they all said the same thing when I first asked.

“Best advice? Play survivor, learn where survivors tend to go and do, so you can take that and apply it to your killer games. ”

                                       Starting Out

When you first load up the game and jump to the killer side you will be greeted by six  – seven if you got the free dlc for Huntress –  unless you are playing on the computer. Doctor and Hag are not base killers for the computer. 

This question got some mixed answers by these killer mains but that’s the great thing about this game. There’s advice everywhere! This is also a personal choice but good killers to learn will be Hillbilly and Wraith.

Hillbilly got a lot of votes up to learn to play because yes you have the chainsaw but you have that mallet. Chainsaw is great to get around the map fast and create that map pressure that killers will really need to get their wins.  

Wraith got his votes because like Hillbilly’s chainsaw while he is cloaked he can speed around the map and survivors won’t know you are coming for them till they hear your bell ring out.

Be patience while your learning. Playing Dead By Daylight itself has a huge learning curve and Each killer has its own learning curve. As examples; Trapper and Hag both have traps but they are completely different traps.

                                              The Match

So you picked your killer and you found your match.  Unless someone plays a map offering the map will be randomly picked. We won’t get into how some maps are better suited for survivors and some for killers. 

Pro tip  1 – Time Management

What they mean by this is this, if you can’t get a hit or a down on a survivor within 30 seconds find another. There are four survivors working on the generators, you find one but there is still three survivors working. If each one is doing one generator  it will take them eighty seconds to finish. So if that one survivor is running you around you are giving the others time to finish their work.  

Pro tip 2 – Camping

You may see this as a good idea once you got your survivor on a hook. Staying in the area. Making sure you get at least one and sometimes it works. Survivors are going to want to save each other. Sometimes it doesn’t.  If the survivors think they can’t get the save they will work on the generators while you stand there while the hooked survivor struggles on giving their team two minutes to finish.  If you didn’t know that’s how long it takes a survivor to die on hook. Remember  eighty seconds for a solo survivor to finish a generator. You can do the math.

Pro tip 3 – Don’t Respect Pallets

This is something that you learn because you don’t want to be hit by pallets but make the survivors drop them. Less pallets equals less chances for the survivors to use later when it’s crunch time. The more you play the more you learn and how to avoid these pesky wooden bugs or how to fake the survivor into throwing it down.

Pro tip 4 – Be Patience

You’re fresh in the world of Dead By Daylight. There isn’t a game that can help you understand what you need to do.  You are going to want to get mad and rage. Don’t. Take it in learn from your mistakes and apply it to your gameplay. No one comes into  this being the best. So this tip was really spoke about by these guys.

Tips From These Killer Mains

the nurse
the hag
the oni
the blight
the huntress
DreadForDeath is a Nurse main and his best tips for someone wanting to learn how to play The Nurse.   Be sure to use her power to move around as she is the slowest moving killer. So don’t save your blinks they recharge. Also learn the maps and their layouts so you have an understanding on where you are going during your blinks.
ChiggysGamingCorner is a Hag main and his best tips for someone wanting to learn how to play The Hag.  Take the time to place your traps. It’s her power to teleport to her traps so always be placing them down. Don’t put eight traps around one hook  to guard it  that limits you.
Dr_Spek is an Oni and Blight main and his best tips for you to learn these killers are. For Oni always fake a direction when in your power and in a loop. You have so much control over which way you can move nine times out of ten you will throw the survivor off and get the down. For Blight always use your power when you can, it is excellent at catching survivors that you normally can’t catch.
LongLiveMac is a huntress main and his best tips for playing this killer. Don’t be too greedy with your hatchets and be patience while learning how to use your hatchets. It takes time but she is fun to play, and worth the effort.

Cook_VX  is a Shape main and his tips for playing The Shape is. Get out of tier one as fast as you can. Get close to tier three but hold back your tier three unless you need that down quickly or you know there is multiple survivors in the area. Don’t waste your tier three.

Finally and the most important is to have fun with it. Dead By Daylight is a game and it’s for having fun. All you can do now is learn and keep trying out new things. 

                                                                                                                                    See you in the realms.

Photo Credit:  Behaviour Interactive

Below are the amazing people who took the time to speak with to give you all this advice. If you want to speak with them yourself or meet them their links are below!

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