Festival of the Damned – All Beacon Locations for the Bilge Rat Adventure


Festival of the Damned – Beacon Locations

Below you will find out where to find all the beacons for the Bilge Rat Adventure.

The Ancient Isles


Crook’s Hollow

Devil’s Ridge

Plunder Valley

The Shores of Plenty


Cannon Cove

Smuggler’s Bay

Mermaid’s Hideaway

The Wilds


Kraken’s Fall

Marauder’s Arch

The Crooked Masts

Devil’s Roar


Fetcher’s Rest

Ruby’s Fall

The Devil’s Thirst

So now finding the islands is out of the way next step is to well send your soul to the ferry. But you have to do it so you can get the flame of fates.

The Well of Fate

Well of Fate’s Colors

Pink Flame
The Flame of Embattled Souls

Death by Player Pirates from another crew.
This no longer works with a crewmate. The death must be caused by a member of another crew.

Red Flame
The Flame of Burning Hearts

Death by Fire, falling volcanic rocks, or death from flowing lava on islands in The Devil’s Roar.
Can be easily obtained using Firebombs, taking 3 Firebombs to kill a player at full health.

Green Flame
The Flame of Cursed Bones

Death by a Skeleton, Ocean Crawler or Phantom.
Skeletons can be easily found on most islands and active Forts.
Getting killed by Skeleton Lords also counts for the Green Flame.
Ocean Crawlers and Phantoms are common on most islands

Blue Flame
The Flame of Lost Seafarers

Death by a Shark, Siren, or Megalodon.
A shark’s spawn chance can be increased with the whole crew waiting in the water for a shark to arrive.
Sirens are common in deep water.
Waiting in water for a shark can be unpredictable, however, a shark can be attracted to combat.

Purple Flame
The Flame of the Viper

Death by poison through Snakebite, Venomball, Kraken ink, or the Hermit Ocean Crawler’s poison cloud.
Snakes can be easy to find on many islands.
A crew can use Venomballs on fellow crewmates. Venomball deals ~25% damage, health should be lowered beforehand.
Slashing at a Kraken’s tentacle will poison the player.
Ocean Crawlers are common on most islands.

White Flame
The Flame of Treacherous Weather

Death by Lightning or the Lightning ball attack of an Eel-ctric Ocean Crawler.
For a quick death by lightning, enter a storm with low health (20% or less).
One lightning hit will deal 20% damage or 70% with a Cutlass equipped.
An equipped Cutlass has a better chance to attract lightning.
Spread your crewmates around the ship to cover a widespread area to ensure a high chance of a player being struck.
To prevent hull damage in stormy seas, sail to an island or other landmark inside the storm. The calmer waters next to islands don’t cause hull damage.

Personally, the easiest one to get is the red flame. Your ship has firebombs in it, take 3 and go to the dock (don’t set fire to your ship) and go get it. Afterward, just ship around and light the beacons. If one is already lit when you get there it’s ok you can either switch the color or you can bring a bucket of water up to it and put the beacon out. 

I hope this helps you out!  

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