Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker


New Expansion Announcement

Yesterday the newest expansion, patch 6.0, for Final Fantasy XIV was announced. The Showcase brought a bunch of excitement for the newest expansion called Endwalker. The expansion will bring an end to the 10 year Saga of Hydaelyn and Zodiark storyline. This was explained during the Showcase with showing each expansion in Final Fantasy XIV representing a different time of day. The release date for the expansion is set for Fall 2021. Along with the new story, there were new classes, a new housing district, and a new non-combat zone announced as well.

New Areas/Threats/Beast Tribe

One of the biggest areas being added was seen in the trailer was the moon. We also got to see some areas in the Thavnarian region, Radz-at-Han, and Garlemald. There were also images of new dungeons shown during the Showcase. We also got to see a hint of a trial featuring the one and only Anima. If you are a Final Fantasy X fan you were feeling the excitement at this point. There were questions during the Showcase as to what we would see on the moon but there was nothing given at this time. The new beast tribe was called Arkasodara. These beasts were only seen recently Azim Steppe from the Stormblood expansion.

New Raids

The new raids were said to be all original Final Fantasy XIV content. The raids from previous expansions have been cross over raids, but the new 8-man and 24-man are supposed to help tie into the ending of the expansion. The current high difficulty raid was named Pandaemonium.

New PvP

They announced a new smaller-scale PvP in the works for 6.0. More information will be given at a later time.

New Class Announcement

The first was a healer and the second a melee DPS. We actually got to see the Healer in action and it will be called Sage. Sage is also going to have a Final Fantasy XIV original weapon called the Nouliths. The job starts at level 70, is found in Limsa Lominsa, and is available when purchasing Endwalker. There was no information given on the second job during the showcase, and that there will be more information given on both new classes at a later date as well.

Healer Changes

Along with adding in a new healer, the development team will now be changing the healers into pure healers/barrier healers. The two pure healers will be White Mage and Astrologian. The barrier healers will be Scholar and Sage. More information will be released in the future.

Island Sanctuary

Island Sanctuary is the new non-combat zone being added into Final Fantasy XIV. Island Sanctuary is a more laid back add-on to do in-game if you are trying to find something to pass the time. It was announced that it will be something for new and old players to enjoy. Cultivating land and letting minions roam the area were some of the points mentioned when speaking on the new Sanctuary being added.

Gold Saucer

There was mention of adding something big like Mahjong into the Gold Saucer. Some people were suggesting during the Showcase things like Blitzball.

New Housing

This may have been one of the biggest highlights during the Showcase and something many players have been asking for some time. The new residential area being added is the Ishgardian Housing. Crafters and gathers all around the world have been working on the Firmament and it has finally come to an end after being rebuilt. In 6.0, you will be able to explore the new housing district, and come 6.1 you will be able to purchase a house in the Ishgard region.

Removal of Gear – Belt

The long-awaited announcement of belts was also given during the Showcase. Belts currently only give stats and nothing more. In 1.0, belts use to be a cosmetic item as well. Seeing as it is no longer a cosmetic item, the development team has now decided to just remove these items completely. If you currently have any belts, they will be given to the Calamity Salvager. It was mentioned that you should remove ALL materia from belts before 6.0 releases to not lose those. There was also talk of removing rings, but Yoshi-P still said rings are cosmetic and able to be seen on both hands. Removing belt items also frees up 35 inventory space. The developers answered that this space will be distributed to 15 Weapon slots, 15 Ring slots, and 5 for a rainy day.

Raise in Level Cap/Number Crunch

The release of 6.0, means a level cap raise. The level cap will now raise from level 80 to level 90. With a level rise, that means a raise in damage output. Yoshi-P spoke about how big the numbers are already becoming and that can create bugs in the game. From level 51 to level 80 is where the crunch in numbers will begin. The development team is currently working on the numbers work, but what this means is we will do less damage, enemies will do less damage, enemies will have less HP, and we receive less XP on enemy kills. The XP to level up will also be reworked because we will now need less XP to level when 6.0 drops.

New Trust Ally

The Trust System was added in 5.0. It is where you take members of the scions with you to take on current 5.0 dungeons. With 6.0 rolling out, the new NPC being added to the Trust System is Estinien Wyrmblood.

Data Center Travel

Another major item announced was that data center travel is currently being worked on. This would allow you to play with all of your friends around the world. We are still awaiting more details on how it will work, and the development team is hard at work on it.

PlayStation 5

During the showcase, the CEO came out to help announce the PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantasy XIV. It was announced that the PlayStation 5 Beta would release on April 13th which also was the day the first half of patch 5.5 releases. There will also be a free upgrade from the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy XIV to the PlayStation 5 version.

Fan Festival

The Fan Festival is usually where we find out more details about expansions. Due to current world situations, the Fan Festival will be now online free of charge. Paying for the Festival will net you some in-game items such as the first 8-man mount and some Final Fantasy IV minions: Edge, Rosa, and Rydia.

Photo Credit: Square Enix

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