For Honor – Interview with streamer ABreakNrun


I had never heard of this game and when I did I thought oh it’s just another fighting game. I’m not really into fighting games. But I had the pleasure of meeting someone who changed my mind about this game.

Meet ABreakNrun. A for Honor streamer who has been playing the game since its release on the Xbox. He’s a reputation 810 so I think that speaks for itself on why I believe what he says on the game.

Why did you get into for honor?

I started playing when it came out on the Xbox in August 2018. My friend told me it was available to download on GamePass and he wanted me to check it out so I said yes. We played for a few months. During that time I fell in love with the uniqueness of the gameplay. You feel like you are in a heat of battle. The mixture of COD domination with the oh snap moments of Mortal Kombat is very appealing to me.

                                                                           Basic Understanding

For honor released February 14, 2017. The brain kid of Jason Vandenberghe. It took him ten years of pitching his idea because no one wanted to pick it.
For Honor is a medieval brawler/fighter game. You’re not in a middle of a fight but a center of a war.
There are four factors to choose from. Samurai, Knights, Vikings, Wu Lin.
It has a very quiet fighting mechanic. The system that they use is called the art of battle. Instead of just holding back or ducking they give you three directional options – block, parry, and deflect incoming attacks.
While being able to attack in unique ways depending on the Hero you choose.
At the current moment, 28 heroes are split up between the four factions. With four different classes. Which are the vanguard, heavy, assassin, and hybrid.

Assassin class above

Vanguard class below


Vanguards are your overall average, well-rounded hero.

Heavy specializes in support and damage.

Assassin is perfect for one vs one combat or picking off someone with low health.

The hybrid is a mixture of 2 of the 3 classes.

Heavy class above

Hybrid class below

Story mode

There is a story mode that will take you along the three sides the Knights, Vikings, and the Samurai.

Which talks about the story of a person named Apollyon. Apollyon is a brutal warlord within the game who believes in survival of the fittest. She uses very brutal dramatic tactics to keep the factions at war with each other and within themselves as well.

Break didn’t want to get too in-depth and give any spoilers away for anyone  – myself included – who wants to play the game.
Story mode and multiplayer are two different games within one.

Capturing a point above

minion lanes below


1 v 1 duels
 2 v 2  brawls
4 v 4
one mode is called triple. it is pretty much capture the flag.
another one is deathmatch with 2 versions of it. the first one being called smittiked. is the normal four people fighting four people. the second one is called elemtion. they pair you into 1 v1s but four going on on the same map. once one is down you can join in another fight. 3rd called branched. it was introduced in 2018 so it’s one of the newer modes. but it’s a simulation of storming a castle. one team is defenders and the other team is attacking.
minion mode
domination is pretty much domination like in COD. you have 3 points you need to capture and hold. both sides start with one point near them with 3rd being the mid lane. This is where you fight to keep your minions alive and dominating to hold.

Here on the left we have a dueling clip between a Hybrid and a Vanguard. 

For Honor is one of those games that will draw you in. It has the fighting, the beautiful story, and of course the fun rage we all know and love in our favorite games.

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