Ghost Exorcism INC. Review


Ghost Exorcism INC.

Ghost Exorcism INC. jump in 8 months ago giving us wanna-be ghost hunters exactly what we wanted. A way to hunt ghosts, hunt them, and send them packing!  I mean exorcise them. There have been some hiccups along the way for this amazing game but for any of these bugs the team behind this is quick to fix them. An example of this was when I first started playing this game I would get stuck walking through doors. Was unable to do anything. The next time I played and anytime after that, it never happened again.

There was also the door glitch. The ghost would touch the door and it would just spin around in place. Being the player I am, I had to touch it. Found out you can get yeeted out of the map. Luckily some maps would teleport you back to the van so that was a plus. (Shown below)

This was a more tame one. One time I was stuck in the sky for 10 minutes before bringing teleported to the van. (Shown to the right) This was when this map first came out.

The Team at Ghost Exorcism INC. is always updating and improving this game. Like changing uplighting (the newest Dev post explaining this) or even changing the name of the game and how it looks.

The old name and logo

New name and logo

Even when I started playing this game when it first came out, I was hooked. It delivers the ghost hunting while giving you the chance to defend yourself, unlike most of the ghost hunting games out there when this first came out. 

My friends and I enjoy this game so much that we have planned days to play it almost every week!  

You can get different settings to make it easier for your first time playing or teaching your friends to play or more of a challenge where the ghost just wants your soul! I mean that’s how it seems at least. They also added matchmaking so if you have some scary cats for friends who don’t want to play you can find groups in the game making it easier to find new ghost friends.

With its year birthday coming up and all the work the Dev team has put into making the game even better now’s the time to come with your Mary statues and salt to take on some ghosts!

An easter egg we found in the graveyard one game! We’ve made it a habit to get this every time we play this map now!

Let us know what you find!

Gloomy is a variety streamer on Twitch. If you have any questions click the link below to visit and chit chat. She’s always willing help or play!