Shibo reviews the new Hearthstone Core Set


As the Year of the Gryphon in Hearthstone begins, so does the changing of the standard format. However, this year is more tumultuous than others, as the Classic, Basic, and Hall of Fame sets are being replaced with the Core Set. I reviewed all of the cards in the video featured in this article. Take a look to see what is included!

This will be a set of cards legal in standard that will rotate at the beginning of each Hearthstone year. These cards will also be legal in the wild format. Everyone gets full access to the Core Set for free, but you have to level up your characters in order to get all of the cards. 

The Hearthstone developers spoiled the full set on Feb. 25, and it’ll be available to play with once the upcoming set Forged in the Barrens is released. 

You can learn more about how the Core Set works by visiting my previous article explaining it!

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