Humble Bundle Choice October 2021


            Well, it’s officially here. Spooky month, The beginning of the pumpkin takeover, and with that the beginning of October. This means a NEW Humble Choice Bundle. If you’re new and don’t know what either the Humble Bundle or more specifically the Choice Bundle are you can read about it in the link below. Before I get into the 12 games for this month’s bundle. I want to go over the charity you will be supporting with your subscription. 

             This month’s charity is Oceana. Oceana is a 501* non-profit charity focused on national government policies involving the preservation and restoration of the world’s oceans. In the past year (2020) Oceana managed to raise around 44million USD for campaigns like the Transparent Oceans Initiative. This initiative “produces and disseminates evidence-based research that documents the activities—and the consequences—of the nations engaged in fishing on the high seas and the distant waters of other countries, so-called distant-water fishing.” If you would like to look into them more you can click here. NOW ONTO THE VIDEO GAMES!!!!

The first game on the list is Katana Zero. Valued at USD 14.99, Katana Zero is a 2D platformer with a retro pixel art style.  The player takes control of “Subject Zero” as they fight their way through New Mecca during the Cromag War. Katana Zero has an Overwhelmingly Positive 97% on Steam and is developed by Askiisoft and published by Devolver which is known for games such as Carrion, the Shadow Warrior series, and the popular switch game Ape Out.

Next up is, the newest installment in the popular horror series Amnesia, Amnesia: Rebirth valued at $29.99. This is a First-person Horror game that is separate from the other games in the series. You play as Tasi as she tries to survive the mind-bending horrors and make her way through an Algerian desert in search of anyone else that survived the plane crash. This game has a 77% Mostly Positive on Steam. and is developed and published by Frictional Games. 

Number 3 is John Wick: Hex. Valued at $19.99 this official Lionsgate game puts the player in John Wick’s shoes as he guns down henchmen and assassins looking for an answer. this game brings back Ian McShane and Lance Reddick to voice their movie counterparts and Troy Baker as the voice of Hex. This game has a 70% Mostly Positive. Developed by Bithell games in cooperation with Lionsgate films and published by Good Shepard Entertainment.

112 Operator has you take control of an emergency operator, in this sequel to 911 Operator, dispatching fire, police, and ambulance to ever-escalating events. Talking victims through traumatic situations and saving lives. This game is valued at $24.99 and has an 87% Very Positive on Steam. Developed by Jutsu game and published by Games Operators. 

Next up is Guts and Glory. This 3D Happy Wheels clone lets you chose from a handful of wacky ragdoll characters. Navigate through deadly obstacle courses in either the campaign or online community game modes and try your best to survive. (or not) This game is valued at $14.99, has an 81% Very Positive, and is developed by a one-man team by the name Jed Steen of HakJak Productions and published by tinyBuild who also published Hello Neighbor and Party Hard.

Ring of Pain is a combination roguelike, dungeon crawler, and deck builder. I don’t know too much about the game other than the fact you are thrown into the Ring of Pain and have to carefully choose how you will escape the Ring and discover its secrets.  Valued at $14.99 this game is developed by Simon Boxer and Twice Different and published by none other than Humble games publishing themselves.  Coming in with a 91% Very Positive this game might be perfect to add to your…deck.

If you like horror games Garage: Bad Trip might be for you. This top-down horror game lets you play as Butch( an ex-drug dealer) as he tries to survive the undead hordes and save the girl. Full of jump scares, gore, and zombies this game has a 74% Mostly Positive. Developed by Zombie Dynamics and published by tinyBuild this game is valued at $14.99.

Next on our list is The Textorcist: The story of Ray Bibbia. Run through this pixel retro world and fight demons as Ray Bibbia. This game brings a mostly dead TYPE of gameplay back and combines it with a bullet hell.  To exorcise the demons you will need to type out the incantation yourself as you avoid their many projectiles and save the innocent possessed souls. With a value of $14.99 and a 76% Mostly Positive rating, this Typing of the Dead inspired game is developed by MobidWare and published by Head Up.

Ninth on the list is Tools up. With a similar look and feel to Moving out, Tools Up gives you and your friends control of the Tools up handyman crew as you guys fix up various locales. This game includes an isometric view of a group of cute yellow pudge balls trying their hardest to fix up everything.  Developed by The Knights of Unity and published by All In! games this game has been rated with a whopping 90% Very Positive. 

Set in the Homestuck universe, Hiveswap: Friend Sim lets you make friends with some homemade Homestuck characters. This game is canonically set before the comics and during the events of the Hiveswap: Act 1 game. this is an episodic “dating” sim, but with making new friends instead. Because we all need new friends. With the second-highest rating of 93% Very Positive and valued at $12.99 why not grab it? Developed and published by What Pumpkin Games Inc. the very studio responsible for the Homestuck comics. 

Set in a 2D Synth-Punk world where it’s been 1988 for who knows how long. Black Future ’88 has you control one of five characters as you fight your way up Duncan’s tower to kill him before your heart explodes. Given a starting time of 18 minutes players can either increase or decrease their time depending on what they do. One of the more interesting, but lower-rated games coming in with a 76% Mostly Positive and a value of $19.99. Black Future was developed by SUPERSCARYSNAKES and published by Good Shepard Entertainment.

Lastly on the list is Syberia 3. This game is a point-and-click adventure that follows Kate Walker as she continues her adventures from the previous two games uncovering secrets and solving mysteries. This game is the lowest-rated on the list with a 49% Mixed rating,  with a value of $29.99. Why not grab it and judge for yourself? Syberia is developed and published by Microids. 

And that is the Octobers Humble Choice Bundle. At an overall value of $288, you could have all of these games for $12 with 5 percent going to the Oceana charity. Come back next month to see what amazing games you can get in the thankful month of November. 

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* Section 501(c)(3) is the portion of the US Internal Revenue Code that allows for federal tax exemption of nonprofit organizations, specifically those that are considered public charities, private foundations, or private operating foundations. It is regulated and administered by the US Department of Treasury through the Internal Revenue Service. There are other 501(c) organizations, indicated by categories 501(c)(1) – 501(c)(29). This discussion will focus on 501(c)(3). —