Introduction into Dead By Daylight


Introduction into Dead By Daylight

So probably like most people you may have gotten into the game because a friend wanted you to play it with them or you saw a video or a streamer playing it. Seems like a weird game to get into; I thought the same. Let’s break it down and see if it’s something you want to put your time in it.

Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game involving five players.  One player takes on the role of a brutal killer and the other four play as survivors.  As the killer your main objective is to please The Entity – we’ll get to this soon – and to do that the killer needs to sacrifice the survivors on hooks found in the map and stop them from escaping. As a survivor your main objective is to escape The Entity’s realm.


The Entity’s realms or maps you play one will always have seven generators, five totems, two exit gates, and a handful of meat hooks. There will also be random buildings and always a Killer’s Basement. For the most part all of these will be randomly placed within the realms. Only a handful of them stay the same for layout. As a new player you’re at a disadvantage with this as the experienced players have the layouts of each map memorized. But don’t let this stop you! This comes with playing a game long enough.

Pictured on the right is a perk you can use to see where these items are.

                                          The Entity

As mentioned before – The Entity. The Entity is the being behind this sick, twisted game of cat and mouse. Making deals with it’s killers and taking survivors and placing them in it’s realm. There is no good picture of this being as all you see of it are the spider like claws that come down on the survivors and sometimes the generators.  There was a man called the Observer that described The Entity as “The Original One” or “Ancient.”


               The Killer

The list of killers is long and is always growing. So you have many to choose from but keep in mind each one has it’s own power that defines it. Using The Trapper – pictured on the left – and The Nurse – pictured on the right –  as  examples for this; He spawns in with bear traps all over the map and he can pick them up and place them in random locations to try and catch survivors. Where The Nurse floats around the map and can teleport – blink – to different areas of the map quickly to find and chase the survivors down quickly.  But an important detail for the killers; you play them in first person.

Side note: The Trappers first name was Chuckles. 


The job of the killer seems easy enough. Stop the four survivors from fixing the generators and get them on the meat hooks, giving them to The Entity. The survivors aren’t going to go down easy for you though. They are going to be running, using the random buildings to keep away from you, and saving each other off the meat hooks. So you may have to hook each survivor 3 times before The Entity finally takes them. But as you chase them they will leave scratch marks, blood pools if injured. You also get bloodlust the longer you chase someone making you faster and faster.

                                            The Survivors

The four survivors can queue in together called a survive with friends – swf – or you can go in solo as the game is suppose to be played. If you do the solo queue, you play how the developers wanted it to be played. No communication between the survivors.

You randomly spawn into the realm which there are a lot of them. Then your life is on the line. You need to fix five of the seven generators while not being found by the killer. The realm will have lockers for you to hide in but be careful the killer can check these. If you are found by the killer – run. There will be walls, some with windows and some without. You can vault these windows. There will be pallets to can throw down to  either stun the killer or block them from following you through that way unless they break it giving you time to find another place to go and stops them from getting bloodlust. As a survivor you also are in third person.

If you do get downed and placed on a meat hook. Your first hook is safe. The Entity will slowly show itself the closer the bar goes down to the halfway point. But the other three survivors can get you off and heal you. The second time you are hooked is different though. The Entity comes down on you with it’s spider like claws and you have to struggle against it until another survivor can save you again. Third time – strike out. You are sacrificed and that’s game over for you… well till you find a new match.


I fully recommend doing the tutorials before you even step into a real match. Maybe find a friend that will bring you into a custom match so you can practice. Because as a survivor there is skill checks to learn which is the reason most new players are always dying. failing a skill check will alert the killer where you are. If you want to take anymore tips from me. Play survivor to become a better killer and play killer to become a better survivor. Most members will say this because you learn where survivors would hide and what they do when you play as a survivor. You learn how the killer moves, what they see and hear which will make you better in surviving.


                                                                                                                           Just remember… Death is not an escape.

                                                                                                                                               See you in the realms.

Photo Credit:  Behaviour Interactive

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