Jeepers Creepers With The Bam – A Blight and Oni Overview


Is there a way for a killer to your least to run against but also your favorite to play against? How about two of them? For me the answer is yes. Blight and Oni are one of those killers that I absolutely love to hate going against. 


I had the pleasure to speak with Dr. Spek a rank one killer who mains Oni and Blight. He has won tournaments with his skills and was a crowd favorite. Below will be his Twitch link if you want to meet him and get some tips!

The Blight

Reason why play blight?

Of course with every new chapter I want to use the new killer. On PTB – Public Test Build – he never really stuck at me. but after watching some people play him I decided to try him one more time and I loved bouncing off something and finding a survivor. The surprise for both of us is always something I find amusing.

Did you read The Blight’s backstory?

So with the backstory nine times out of ten, I don’t read them. Not that they aren’t cool but I’m more interested in how the killer plays and not the backstory. I do know his backstory because of the tomes and the Halloween event.

What are your thoughts on his design?

He’s one of my favorite looking killers. His slack jaw being gross just looks so cool to me. His power though is awesome. When you are getting looped you can catch up and get the survivor faster then the other killers. 

Getting into The Blight

I played a lot of killer on this and he did remind me of Oni and I played Oni a lot so I figured I would give it a shot. Having played Oni already I had an advantage with the blight because of that, with powers similar to each other and using the same tactics from my time playing Oni.


The Oni

Reason why play Oni?

It’s a lot of the same reasons with blight. he has a really cool design but his power even on the PTB I had fun running him. I never had an problem learning him and playing him.  if i enjoy looking at the killer I’m going to play them. 

Did you read the backstory?

I normally don’t read the backstory. I do recommend people who want to check the backstory because they are pretty cool.  I do know some of the backstory of Oni though but I just enjoy playing the chapters.

What are your thoughts on Oni’s design?

What I enjoy about his design, he’s ability to break loops very well, with his power you have full control strafing ability. Which gives you a lot to work mind games in with his power.  His high movement gives you a lot control of the mind games. 

Getting into The Oni

I played him in the PTB and I really enjoyed him. The ability to streamroll a survivor group within  five minutes because someone messed up is always fun. To me it’s super satisfying when you come across a large group of blood drops and you absorb them. Movement killers were always my thing so I played a lot of hillbilly before Oni.


Differences between The Oni and The Blight

I can see where people say they have the same powers because of the high movement with them but with blight you need to know if you can bounce off something and getting a survivor. There’s a lot of pathing with blight. 

Oni you need to charge up and you need to know when to used it as you need to get the blood. so mind game with Oni comes to play a lot. without Oni’s power is a m1 killer with base speed. 

With Oni you have control over your power while The Blight you have less control but his power recharges faster.

Something to remember. When you play Oni and Blight you can’t use their powers like you would on Oni on Blight and vice versa.


                                                                                    Perk Builds

I use this with Oni or Blight

tinkerer, undying, ruin, barbecue

Tinkerer lets you know that a gen is about to be done and if you are in a chase it will take that survivor a moment to realize you left and went to stop that gen. this works very well with the two hexes.

BBQ gives you the locations of survivors outside your terror. giving you an advantage. Plus the blood points are really good too.

Sometimes I will switch tinkerer with Endurance or Devour Hope to just do something different.


Hex: Undying, if not found first, will protect your other hex totems

Hex: Ruin it will immediately and automatically regress it’s Repair so you can chase instead of kicking the generators.

Tinkerer when a generator is repaired to 70%, you receive a Loud Noise notification and you are granted the Undetectable Status Effect

Barbecue and Chili allows you to see where the other survivors are at after you hook one.

Perk Build number two

Corrupt Intervention, Barbecue and Chili, Pop Goes The Weasel, Trail of Torment.

Corrupt was for the early slow down making it easier for me to find a survivor and get my power.

pop  replaced ruin

trail I would hook someone pop the gen and have no radius with the Oni power and get another survivor down and keep the system going with barbecue.

After kicking a Generator, you become Undetectable until the Generator stops regressing or a Survivor is put into either the Injured State or the Dying State by any means. During this time, the Generator’s Aura is revealed in yellow to all Survivors.
Pop Goes the Weasel. After hooking a Survivor, the next Generator you damage instantly loses 25 % of its progress.
Thrilling Tremors. After picking up a Survivor, all Generators not being repaired by Survivors are blocked by The Entity and cannot be repaired for the next 16 seconds. Affected Generators are highlighted by a white Aura.

Barbecue and Chili allows you to see where the other survivors are at after you hook one.

Gloomy is a variety streamer on Twitch. If you have any questions click the link below to visit and chit chat. She’s always willing help or play!