League of Legends’ April Fools’ Day Event Unleashes the Power of Groove and Harsh Vibes


Does Riot’s April Fools’ Day gag for League of Legends feature the power of funk and groove?

On April 1, the League of Legends YouTube channel uploaded a video featuring a new line of skins and other cosmetics available with the rhythm and vibe of cheesy ‘70s space funk. Plus, there are cats. Lots of them.

“It’s time for the ultimate faceoff,” according to the official FAQ page for the event. “Two forces are stepping up to hold sway over the rhythm of the universe, and it’s up to you to pick a side. Will you get in the Groove and march to your own cosmic melody, or will you align with the Harsh Vibes and make this galaxy a one hit wonder?

This chart shows how many skins were released for each April Fools' Day event in League's history. Currently, 2021 takes the title of having the most number of skins for the in-game holiday.

For this event, Blitzcrank received the legendary skin for the usual 1820 RP, though now it’s named Blitz and Crank for its cat pilots. Other characters, including Lux, Rumble, Nasus, Nunu and Willump, Samira and Lulu also received skins costing 1350 RP each.

All the characters featured have not received April Fools’ Day skins, excluding the “Definitely Not” line of skins. Among the 2021 lineup, Nasus is the only character to receive more than one April Fools’ Day skin, after receiving one in 2015.

If this event is to be considered League’s official April Fools’ Day celebration, this event features the most number of skins for an April Fools’ Day event in the game’s history. Second place goes to the aforementioned 2015’s skin line, featuring Amumu, Nami, Nasus, Soraka and Udyr. This excludes the prestige skin Fizz received in the 2019 event.

Also, rather than having an URF mode for this April Fools’ Day, One for All is back for players to enjoy beginning April 1.

This is what each player's client looks like upon selecting a faction. The event has its own tab on the main menu for this month.

Upon logging in, players will be greeted to a screen where they can choose the sides of the Groove or Harsh Vibes and complete objectives to earn that faction’s cosmetics. As usual, the event’s exclusive skins cost Riot Points (RP).

“Once you pick, you won’t be able to switch sides later on in the event,” stated the FAQ page.

While in the client, players may access their Loot tab to see what unlockables are available for this event.

Additionally, players may purchase the Space Groove 2021 Pass, which can be purchased for 1650 RP. The pass contains 200 event tokens and 4 Space Groove 2021 Orbs. These orbs, which cost 200 event tokens, will contain a random skin shard and have a chance to contain a Gemstone skin and/or a Gemstone, which according to the FAQ, “multiplies your Gemstone and Mythic Skin permanent drop rates by 1.5.”

These orbs also have a 3.5 percent chance to contain a Luxe Bag, which “multiplies your Gemstone and Mythic Skin permanent drop rates by 1.5,” as stated by the FAQ.

Additional information about other loot and cosmetics that can be purchased are available in the FAQ.

The event began on April 1 and ends May 3 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Missions specific to this event will end May 3 at 11:50 p.m. PT, but players may spend their tokens before 11 a.m. PT on May 17.

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