League of legends ranked season 11 starts off with a bang!


League of legends has been a huge and successful game in the esports world since 2011. It had an average of 32.5 million monthly players, and that was just the beginning. Every year league has seen a consistent climb in their numbers, and that’s what every company would truly love to see! Last year in 2020 league averaged around 115 million players monthly and that numbers is looking to climb for 2021. With the new ranked season having so much hype, players looking to improve their game, and increase their ranks, everything is still looking up for riot games in terms of stats. League of legends numbers are going to continue climbing and here is why!

League continues to grow their new player base extremely well. Take it from me, I am a brand new league player this season, and it is pretty fun for me! I just reached level 30 and the ability to play ranked, and it is definitely a different vibe. Everything is so much more serious, and for what you may think is just a point and click game, is way harder than just that. So enough with the facts about me, heres what is both new, and coming soon to league 2021’s first season!

The patch notes for January or 11.1 goes as follows!


Champion buffs include: Gnar, Karma, Qiyana, Ryze, Xayah

Item buffs include: Archangels staff, Runann’s Hurricane, Shurelya’s Battlesong


Champion nerfs include: Fiddlesticks, Master yi, Pantheon
Item nerfs include: Manamune, Muramana


5 new skins have been added.

And the biggest news of all the release of yet another new Champion!


Okay so, up to this point of hearing the news on Viego coming soon to league of legends, I can tell there are some really happy and really unhappy people! He seems super broken but riot usually does a really good job balancing things but it is definitely looking rough at first. I have heard some people are very excited and others are scared to death because of how broken his ability set is, I guess we will just have to see because it has been announced and confirmed that later in this wonderful month of January 2021, we will be looking at a new champ in our league arsenals!

Alright guys that’s it for the new league news from me and I hope you enjoyed it! As alway, Keep it lit cracked gamers!

Photo credit: Riot games | league of legends