My Thoughts On Black Ops Cold War: Season 1


Black Ops Cold War Season 1 has been out for a little over a week now and I can safely say that I am enjoying this season a lot.  Treyarch has dropped multiple guns, multiple maps, and they even incorporated Cold War guns into Warzone.  However, there are a few things I would change.  When the season first dropped there were a few glitches that didn’t allow you to play the new maps and didn’t allow you to party up and play with your friends. Since then, they have fixed these glitches and I haven’t looked back since!  I love the new version of Nuketown and I can’t find a person on this planet who doesn’t like the remade Black Ops 2 map, Raid.  The nostalgia that Raid brings to Cold War has been praised by the Call of Duty community and some people are saying it’s the most fun they’ve had on Call of Duty in years.  Although I haven’t played the new map The Pines, I have seen some highlights on it, and I can’t wait to run around and wreak havoc in a mall.

The Mac-10 and the Groza are some of the best guns to use in Warzone but the weird thing is that they are different on Cold War.  On warzone the guns are almost perfect to use but on Cold War they are a little harder to use.  In the new season they also added more Multiplayer levels for the grinders, a new scores streak called the H.A.R.P and a new 2v2 game mode for the people who loved gunfight on Modern Warfare.  I’m very excited about them introducing the H.A.R.P because it reminds me of the Orbital VSAT from Black Ops 2 or the Advanced UAV. With this new season coming out I am going to be grinding for level 1000 as well as going for Dark Aether, the zombie’s mastery camo.  I also plan on playing a lot of Warzone this season trying to crank out some clips and YouTube videos.  All in all, this new season of Cold War brings a bunch of dope stuff that will make people come back for more.  If I would rate this new season on a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate it a strong 8.

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