New Valorant Agent Trailer Released – Astra


Valorant has released new details on the upcoming new agent, “Astra” from Ghana.

Check out the trailer on the right.

Here are the details on the new abilities:

  • Astral Form (X)
    • Activate to enter Astral Form where you can place stars on the map.
    • You can then transform those stars into Nova Pulse’s, Nebula’s, or Gravity Wells.
  • Gravity Well (X)
    • After placing stars, activate a star to create a gravity well.  Players in the area are pulled towards the center and then when it explodes, everyone will be fragile.
    • This is similar to Killjoys’ alarm bot
  • Nova Pulse (X)
    • After placing stars, activate to detonate and those in the area will be concussed.
    • This looks similar to Breaches’ Concussion
  • Dissipate (F)
    • Use this on a star, returning the star to be placed later
    • This creates a fake nebula at the location before returning.
  • Ult – Cosmic Divide
    • When charged (7 orbs)
    • Select two locations and the cosmic divide will connect the two points you select.
    • The divide will block bullets and dampens audio

Video and image credits:
Riot games
Riot Game Twitter

Agent information credit:

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