New World: 60 Second Intro to Fishing

  1. A basic fishing pole
  2. Bait to provide a bonus for your fishing results
  3.  Finding a good fishing spot

Fishing in New World is a lot of fun, and you don’t need to do much to start making progress.  This guide is intended to quickly orient you to the basics of fishing by telling you what you need to know to improve your fishing skill.  You don’t need to worry about any long questline, and you can start almost as soon as you are out of the new player tutorial.  Here are a few things you need to get started.

You can craft your fishing pole in the starting area as soon as you have access to your camp.  This picture is a Tier 2 camp you get later on, but you can craft your fishing pole from the Tier 1 camp you get by level 5.  All it takes is a few green wood branches that you get by harvesting any bush, and two fibers that you can get harvesting a hemp plant.

If you don’t want to do any of that, you can just buy a basic fishing pole off of the Trading Post you visit in the first player town. The cost is virtually nothing, and most people find this to be the quickest and easiest option. 

Next, you will want to find yourself a good fishing location.  The image above is in Windsward territory.  West of the main settlement you see two bodies of water with a fish icon next to them, and a series of stars over the fish.  You will want to go to one of these bodies, if you are a new player, to start leveling your fishing skill and to get the bait you need. 

If you are a veteran player, you can go to any body of water to get started.  However, the best fishing spots have the fish icon, one to three stars, and an active fishing hotspot.  We’ll go over a fishing hotspot later. 

There will be bushes around every river and pond so you can quickly get some bait that has a decent freshwater bonus to help you catch good fish.  Harvesting bushes will get you started quickly.  Any of the plants shown above will yield freshwater bait quickly and easily, and that is what you want to get that fishing skill up fast. 

I like to harvest about 30 Firely Bait before sitting down for a nice spell of fishing time.  You can harvest bullrush plants for firefly bait, and they are all around riverbanks and pond shorelines. 

When you get to your fishing area look for a hotspot.  The image above shows you an example of a hotspot, and you can see the fish jumping out of the water.  If you just see the bubbles but no fish, then the hotspot is regenerating itself.  Next to my character you see a short menu of options to cast your line, equip bait, and enter or exit the fishing position. 

When the hotspot is active you are going to want to target your fishing line to land in the middle of it for the best results.  You’ll see a greenish system message saying you got it in the hotspot if you are successful. In order to fish you will want to hold your left mouse button down, you will see a cast slider show up, and you stop holding the left mouse button to finish your cast. 

After you have cast your line you’ll see a system message that will tell you to get ready to reel in your fish.  The timer to reel in the fish once it bites is short so you need to be ready to go quickly. The images above show the three states of reeling in the fish once it is on the hook.

The image to the left, with the green symbol in the middle, means that you have the fish hooked, and your fishing line can pull it in without difficulty. The middle image, with the orange symbol in the middle, means that the fish is fighting back, and your fishing line is seeing some tension in it as you reel in your catch.  The image to the right, with the red symbol in it, means that the fishing line is about to break if you don’t ease off the line quickly.

So as you reel in the fish the line colors can scale from green to red.  As they escalate you want to ease off on the reel to get back to the green color, but don’t ease off completely or your fish will get away.  It only takes a few seconds to go through this process, but if you get too persistent with reeling in the fish you will break your line. 

Don’t get catfished by long and complex intro to fishing guides!  These simple steps are all you need to know to get fishing quickly, without a lot of startup money, and they will help you quickly increase your fishing skills.  I will get into more fishing skill tips and mechanics as time goes on, and do my best to keep it simple!

Lord Hades has spent 27 years leading online guilds, writing guides, and working to make easy-to-follow guides for online games. You can find out more about Lord Hades over at the Boomer Strike Force gaming community!