New World – Best Location To Farm Hemp Guide


One of the first things you need for your crafting is hemp to level up your gathering and all your cloth crafting skills.  This resource can be hard to find.  

Hemp can be found in all the starting areas.  They have a bright purple top, looking like the picture above.

After checking many places in-game I found the best place to farm this is in an area to the West of Windsward, north of the Shrine in west Windsward, where you start the Azoth Staff questline.  You can see the area circled in red below.

This area that is within this river bump-out is filled with many patches of hemp, as well as Alchemy nodes, trees and some animals you can hunt and skin.  You should be able to get your gathering and a very large amount of hemp fiber here.  You can quickly fill your entire inventory with hemp here to make early crafting a breeze.

Enjoy and happy crafting!

Image credits: Amazon Games

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