New World BETA Review From a Casual Boomers Perspective


New World Beta, the MMORPG from Amazon Game Studio’s, came to an end yesterday.  The devs are going to spend the next three weeks gathering the community’s feedback and work on polishing the game. Here is my perspective on how things went, from a now casual gamer.

The graphics, sounds, and theme are wonderful.  The devs have done wonders on this part of the game.  Everything from how each zone can be a little different to the sound of chopping trees is exquisite.

Of the two weeks of Beta, I was only really able to play one of those weeks, and honestly, I had a lot of fun doing so.  As a casual player, I spent time crafting, gathering, questing, a little PvP, faction questing, and each was enjoyable. I was able to get to just past level 24, and I didn’t get much chance to do any of the instances or big wars.

This game will have many different ways to progress.  Some will want to rush to lvl60, some will take their time with gathering and crafting, and others will just want to fish.  All seem viable and fun in their own way. I did not feel pressured to rush and was really able to just enjoy the game and soak in all the environment.

There is still much room for improvements, from the economy balances, some PvP tweaks, and skill balances, but I expect them to keep working on trying to improve this. The game is not perfect, nor would I expect it to be.  I also do not expect the game to be perfect at launch.  For me, what I like to see and want to see is the devs’ engagement to continue working on improving the game to make it better. I am still hyped and excited for this game, and I miss playing it already.  

The release date is September 28th, 2021 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon here:

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