New World – Get RICH making tons of coin at any level from Harvesting


Have you been looking for a few places to level up your harvesting skill and make some coin in New World? Well, I have a couple of runs that can do just that, from early game, to mid and end game stages. These runs will easily help line your pockets, all while you advance your skill.

This mainly is a fiber run and it begins 500 meters north of Windsward Settlement, right at the Northwest corner of the Noble Reach POI. From here you run west, This is the densest pocket of hemp nodes on the map, and due to that, it can be a very popular area. I’d suggest running this at a more off-peak time, say early morning or overnight, for the best results. Even with others present, you will still find it easy to fill your inventory in no time, just continue to loop back and forth along the red path, and in no time you will be full. This run has no enemies, so it is suitable for any level player, as long as you can get into the region and start the run.

The second run is a bit more complex, and will require you to be near or above player level 30, and have a minimum harvesting level of 100, although, for best results, 175 is needed to run all parts of the route.  

The red represents silk, and you will need the mentioned harvesting level 100 to run it, you can start in the Southeast corner and move north, but if you are running luck food buffs, this is a tad inefficient as its 500 meters north to the next nodes, I tend to start at the red circle attached to the red line, as this is the most efficient route to follow while my buff timer is active.

The yellow line represents Wirefiber and requires harvesting level 175 to run. I would highly recommend using all harvesting luck gear on this run, as tier 5 drops (Scalecloth, Blisterweave) can be found in these plants. These will help to boost your coin return per run in addition to the basic resources you are farming.

Hopefully, these runs can help you as you advance in New World. I know I wouldn’t be at harvesting level 200 without them. Until next time, Good Luck, and happy adventures.