New World Guide – How To Fast Travel (BETA)


New World is a HUGE map with lots of walking and places to visit.  It can take a long time to walk to each place.  The game does not have any mounts, BUT there is a Fast Travel ability.

To Fast Travel, you must be located either in a town or at a shrine and you can only fast travel to another town or shrine

Open up your map and click on the town or shrine you want to travel to. In the menu, you should see the Fast Travel option to click on.  The cost of Fast travel is Azoth.  You can get these from completing quests and drops from certain monsters.  The base cost is 50 and increases based on the current weight you are carrying.  If your faction owns the province where you are going, you may also get a discount on the cost.

Do note that to travel to that location, you will need to have visited that location, by foot, once.  For the towns, you will need to have checked in to the local inn or visited a shrine and opened the map to show up on your map.  If you haven’t discovered it, you can’t travel.

The other way to travel is that each character has a free “Inn Recall” that you can set talking to a local innkeeper in the town you want to return to.  You can only do this once an hour, so make sure you plan the use of this before you get stuck somewhere!

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