New World – Maximize your earnings per farming run


With a possible crafting nerf on the horizon, I wanted to take this chance to let you all in on my secret weapons I have been using to make me more efficient, and add MAX coin in my pocket per farming run.

Above you see the Proficiency boosters, these not only give you both Arcana skill points, but also Engineering skill points. Even better they allow you to yield more resources per node.

When used in conjunction with a tool that has the yield perk, you will find yourself full much faster than without. These also affect the more rare resource drops. If you had the luck required to get a tier 5 drop of blister weave, tack on 28% more of that drop using the items i have pictured here. On my server, this can easily be an extra 300 to 450 coin on a drop I was getting either way.

Check out the full assesment in the video below, and let me know if this helps you. Stay Cracked.