New World MMORPG – Summer Game Fest Deep Dive 2021


Amazon Games studio’s presented a new update at Summer Fest 2021.  I know I have been excited about this new MMORPG.  Let’s do a quick review on what this game is about at a high level and some of the details that came out of the video at Summer Fest.  I will give more details as they come out and as part of the BETA, tune into my stream as I show off this new world.

This MMORPG takes place in the mystical and mysterious island of Aeternum during an alternate version of the 17th century.   This island is full of power and supernatural elements that brings constant new adventure and danger at every corner.  The mix of swords, magic and the dawn of muskets and gunpowder will create a vast experience of combat and progression.

You will get to be a part of one of three factions:

  1. The Marauders
    • A ruthless military force.
  2. The Syndicate
    • Work in the shadows and forbidden knowledge.
  3. The Covenant
    • Driven by their faith, they fight for justice and righteousness of all living things
After picking a faction, there will be other tasks such as crafting, housing, and an in-game market.

Combat will be skill and action based.  There will NOT be any classes, meaning this will allow for much flexibility in how you want to build your character.  Each weapon and armor will have a skill tree that you can choose how to spend those progression points, so the variety of customization you can have is endless. You will want to watch out for invasions of your territories by the corrupted and their armies. These large scale PvE events will be a great way to gain loot and points to advance your characters.  The instanced and scheduled group events both PvP or PvE is really what make this game a beautiful creation. As you can see there is much to play within the world.

Within Aeternum’s open world you can be flagged for PvP to fight other factions, this is an opted in feature so PvP is completely optional.  From the PvP, there will be events such as Outpost Rush, which is a PvPvE where 20 players from two factions will fight for their faction’s resources and fortifications. You can also assault an enemy faction territory with groups of 50 to challenge them for control. The goal is to take control of the siege weapons to give your faction even more power.  Take control of the flag, and take control of the enemy territory in this one-hour battle that is the pinnacle of the PvP. 

Summer Fest 2021

Let’s check out what was covered in the update given in Summer Fest 2021 with Scott Lane – New World game director.

The game start with the player as a navigator where you get shipwrecked on a new world called Aeternum.  On this world, not only will you have to contend with the other human factions, but the Corrupted (A Mystical force), the Angry Earth (Guardians), and The Lost (Undead warriors).

The Alpha came out a few months ago with lots of feedback from the players which the devs took to heart:

  • Need more PvE (mid to end game experiences
    • Added “Expeditions” (5-player instances)
      • 6 different expeditions at the release
      • Filled with new bosses, loot, story and puzzles
    • Added two new zones
      • Ebonscale Reach
      • Reekwater
    • Environment filled with backstories, NPC’s and their families
  • Improvements on enemy spawning from Alpha
  • Improvements on the combat system on interrupts and amount of gear
  • Overhaul on the crafting system

In the video, they also intorduced some of the big baddies you will hear and need to face:

  • Isabella – The infamous red eyed woman
  • The Siren Queen – Came to find equality and then corrupted.
  • The Empress – More to come later

The last big piece here was about the online shop and if the game will be “pay-to-win”.  The devs have committed to avoiding that as much as possible.  The shop will only have cosmetic items at release and plan to keep it that way for a while.

I know I am looking forward to the Beta!  Make sure you stop by my stream when I am playing. 

Important dates:

  • Beta – July 20th, 2021
  • Official Release – August 31st, 2021


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