New World Possible Crafting Nerf is A Blessing in Disguise


There has been some new information data mined from the Public Test Realm in New World. On the surface it looks horrible, up to 4 times as much required experience to reach max level, but fear not, take a breath, here is what is really being tested.

Basically this is an attempt to change the the way you level, by rewarding you for crafting higher tier things vs crafting 100’s of smaller worthless items to achieve the same goal. Overall, this could be the best attempt yet to fix a few different things. First, no more mass craft/mass delete items which is boring. Second, this might actually give value to the raw resources needed to craft higher end items, and by doing that, stimulating the economy especially for a gatherer type player like myself. 

It is also fair to mention this is ONLY being TESTED. There is zero reason to panic yet and try and make a big run on skills now. Personally, I am going to wait and see IF this is actually implemented, then if so, enjoy actually crafting better things and being rewarded for it.

Many other things were mined from the server, and if you would like to check it all out you can  at the link below. For my full analysis, feel free to check out the video. I would love to hear what you all think on this. Stay Cracked.