NA Valorant – Teams are set and on their way to Iceland!


In an exciting four days in the Challenger finals battle of some of the best talent in the game, fighting it out for the chance to go to the first Valorant LAN in Iceland.

In many back and forth matches, powerhouse Sentinels come out as the first to qualify beating C9 Blue in the upper bracket finals.

In the lower bracket, Version1 losing on the first day, fought the gauntlet to take the other place.

Interestingly, it seemed to me that the advantage was for the team in the lower bracket after the first day.  The team that played in the upper bracket and lost always lost their following game in the lower bracket.  The structure seems to favor that if the team is having an off day in the first game, it carries over to the second game.

Sentinels ended up sweeping the finals 3-0 against Version 1 to take home to top seed and the extra prize winnings.

Here are the final standings and winnings.

PlaceWinnings (USD$)PointsTeam
1st$40,000TBD in Iceland (150 min)Sentinels
2nd$20,000TBD in Iceland (150 min)Version1
3rd$15,00050C9 Blue
4th$4040Team Envy
5th-6th$5,00030NRG / 100 Thieves
7th-8th$2,50020Andbox / XSET

Other international seeds:

  • EMEA
    • Team Liquid
    • Fnatic
  • Korea
    • NUTURN Gaming
  • Japan
    • Crazy Racoon
  • SEA
    • X10 Esports
  • BR
    • TBD
    • TBD
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