Petrified Wood in New World – Is it worth it?


So, you want to craft the Venerable Recurve Bow in New World, An early game weapon, but you are having a tough time finding the Petrified Wood you need to make it. Sadly this is a super common theme I see in global chat all the time. Here are some steps you can take to increase your odds of finding it, and why you shouldn’t bother.

You can use this recipe for Boiled Cabbage, it gives you a 25-minute buff that increases your Logging Luck. In addition, you want to make sure your Axe has the Logging Luck perk.

After 6 runs with the buff active, i managed to pull 2 of these, Whisperwood, a drop even more rare than Petrified Wood. Both sold for a tidy profit, but still no Petrified wood, I went looking for even more luck.

I found this, a Pearl Amulet that when bound with a Logging Luck special resource, gave me an additional 5.9% chance at finding Rare Items

In the 4th run with the Amulet equipped, for a whopping total of 10 runs overall, I was bestowed 1 piece of the seemingly non existent Petrified Wood as seen on the right.

At the end of the day, the 4 hours and 10-minute grind to find only 1 Petrified Wood just isn’t worth it in my opinion. By the time you have 4 total pieces, the Bow will already be a downgrade based on the overall level of your character. 

Instead, check your local Trade Shop, where you can find a bow for pretty cheap that is going to be more appropriate for your level progression. I tend to upgrade every 2 to 3 levels and have yet to spend more than 20 gold on a bow that is better than the last one I purchased. 

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