(Prime Gaming) Free Games & Perks for January


Once again, Amazon is giving away a ton of free games and perks for members of their Twitch Prime membership program.
Check it all out : https://gaming.amazon.com/home

Some of the notable perks include : 
Rogue Company : Kikuma Winter ’20 Ronin outfit
Valorant :  10 Radianite Points
League of Legends : Free Skin Shards
Fall Guys : Winter Warmer costume and 3 crown drop
Roblox : Icy Horns Drop #5
GTA Online : Submarine Sonar Station
Paladins : Xeno-Buster Ash Skin
Legends of Runeterra : Free Epic Wildcard
….plus many other popular games listed

Free Games :
Void Bastards
When Ski Lifts Go Wrong
Along the Edge
Alt Frequencies
Bridge Constructor Playground