Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life


Sea of Thieves

If you’ve looking to be a pirate and sail the seven seas. This is the game for you without the seven seas. Sorry. But you can be a pirate!  With the new content coming out in a few days with the legendary Jack Sparrow joining the game; there’s never been a better time to jump in on the action!

Below you will find the official trailer for Sea of Thieves that gives you the run down on the basics of the game. 

Getting Started

So you got the game and you found your pirate look. That’s great! Now what? Well you could try sailing on your own or with some random people to maybe get the ropes down. I prefer playing with friends. The great thing about the game is there is a lot of people to meet and play with so even if none of your friends play it you can find groups. Xbox is good for that. Great news is you can play with anyone on any system. So this opens you up to so many people wanting to be pirates!


Trading Companies

So now you are in the game it’s time to figure out how to sail and all the bits to being a pirate. Well unless someone hasn’t told you about these guys, meet The Trading Companies! These guys give you missions to do so you can find an adventure and earn some gold.  Only four of these companies give you missions and allow you to raise their flags.

Gold Hoarders

The Gold Hoarders are one of the major Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves. They are a gold-loving, greedy company with the interest of amassing great hoards of Gold. There is a Gold Hoarder representative on every Outpost in The Sea of Thieves, distinguishable by their green and gold tents. Gold Hoarders will accept any locked Treasure Chests and Artifacts for Gold and Reputation with the company. Player Pirates can climb up to 75 Reputation Ranks with the Gold Hoarders by performing various deeds for the Company.

Your Success Brings Us Fortune
— Gold Hoarders’ motto

Merchant Alliance

The Merchant Alliance is one of the major Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves. Every Outpost Dock houses a Merchant Alliance Representative willing to recruit new Merchants and send them on increasingly challenging Merchant Alliance Voyages for various Commodity Crates. The Alliance will accept any Crates, Gunpowder Barrels or Mermaid Gems for Gold and Reputation with the Company, willing to pay almost 10 times as much for any Commodities that are sold on Commission.

Trading Trust For Greater Prosperity
— Merchant Alliance motto

Order of Souls

The Order of Souls are one of the major Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves. Formed by conjurers and seers, they have found a way to recapture the memories from the Skulls of Cursed Former Pirates. With this knowledge and power, the Order have set up a purple tent on every Outpost with a Madame who sends Player Crews on Bounty Voyages to reclaim these cursed Bounty Skulls. The Order will accept any Bounty Skulls for Gold and Reputation with the Company. Player Pirates can climb up to 75 Reputation Ranks with the Order of Souls by performing various deeds for them.

Omnes in servitium animarum
— Order of Souls motto

Athena’s Fortune

Athena’s Fortune is one of the major Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves that only deals with Pirates of Legendary repute. Formed by the Pirate Lord, Athena’s Fortune is only accessible to Player Pirates who have proven themselves as Pirate Legends. While most of the Company hides in the Athena’s Fortune Hideout, accessible through Taverns with the use of a special Shanty, Player Crews can find the Mysterious Stranger as the company’s Representative at any Tavern. Player Pirates can climb up to 20 Reputation Ranks with Athena’s Fortune through performing various legendary deeds for them.

We Shall Sail Together

The Sea Dogs and The Hunter’s Call are the two companies that don’t offer a flag or missions. Doesn’t mean you can’t level them up though. 

Sea Dogs

The Sea Dogs are led by DeMarco and Lesedi Singh. Their headquarters, The Glorious Sea Dog, is a large tavern is located on Arches Peak, in the middle of the Sea of Thieves. The inside of the tavern can only be accessed from the Arena game-mode lobby, however all of the necessary NPCs from within are also available outside the Glorious Sea Dog in Adventure Mode.

Reputation is used to progress through the Promotions of the Sea Dogs. Sea Dogs Reputation is acquired by playing matches in The Arena game-mode and completing Commendations for The Sea Dogs within the matches.

Glory Awaits

The Hunter’s Call

The Hunter’s Call does not offer voyages. Instead, reputation is mainly acquired by selling either Fish, Treacherous Plunder, Meat, or Mermaid Gems.

Meat and fish can be cooked on a Stove for increased gold and reputation. The rarest types of fish can fetch a price ten times that of regular varieties, and the larger Trophy versions of each fish, which are harder to catch and take longer to cook, will also fetch better reward prices and reputation.

Fish and Meat of all types, rarities, and cooking stages can be found in the barrels found in Shipwrecks and Barrels of Plenty, making them a valuable resource for Hunter’s Call reputation and commendations.

In addition to the above, a very lucrative type of meat, known as monster meat, can be obtained by killing Megalodons and Krakens. This meat can also be cooked and sold to the Hunter’s Call for gold and reputation in addition to having its own set of commendations.

The sea calls to all

The Reaper’s Bones is the only company that let’s you raise their flag but doesn’t offer any missions. 

The Reaper’s Bones

The Reaper’s Bones is one of the major Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves. The Reaper’s Bones are camped on the makeshift Fort at The Reaper’s Hideout headed by the mysterious Servant of the Flame. The Reaper’s Bones stand for ‘True Piracy’, seeking out the toughest, most ruthless pirates on the seas. For this end, the Reaper’s Bones are willing to reward Pirates for any Treasure, stolen or found, that they bring in, along with the remains of the Ships of other Trading Companies. On the flip side, the Reaper’s Bones only accept Treasure at the Hideout and nowhere else, making it a hot-spot for piracy.

The Reaper’s Bones do not offer any Voyages, leaving it up to the Crews of Player Pirates to figure out how to best contribute to the company. Players can represent the Reaper’s Bones by flying the Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag, which they can buy from The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper’s Hideout.

Reaper’s Bones Reputation is used to level up with the Trading Company and to earn higher Promotion Ranks. Reaper’s Bones Reputation is earned every time an item is sold to The Servant of the Flame (Crew-wide), a higher than Grade 2 Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag is lowered at a Reaper’s Bones Emissary Table or when a Reaper’s Bones Commendation is progressed or achieved (Personal). Crews representing the Reaper’s Bones as an Emissary will get increased Reputation gains the higher their Emissary Grade. The Reaper’s Bones Company has 75 Reputation levels in total.

Reaper’s can expect to gain the most Reputation from selling Treasure valuable to the Reapers specifically, such as Reaper’s Chests, Reaper’s Bounties, Gifts or Broken Emissary Flags. Treasure from other Companies gives far less Reputation.

Pirates For All Eternity
— Reaper’s Bones motto

A Pirate’s Life

As stated at the start The Sea of Thieves is going to have Captain Jack Sparrow joining you for new tall tales. For me, someone who has been a pirate for some time always coming back for the amazing stories this is so exciting! As I have always loved Pirates of the Caribbean and Sea of Thieves so them being mixed? Outstanding!

If you haven’t seen the trailer, well here it is! Check it out!

Not only just this update is in my option the biggest update for Sea of Thieves and I believe it’s first cross over. With this update there are new places to go which hasn’t happened since the burning islands, The Devil’s Roars, came to the seas back in 2018. Which is my personal favorite area to roam. 

There will be five new tall tales as well and  I love these and if you love stories you will love these too. The Sea of Thieves tall tales are simply amazing. I love the fact that you don’t have to do these to get into the game or to advance in anyway. But they give you a glimpse into the life’s of the pirates that came before you.

Honestly with that alone is awesome. Given that you can get Jack Sparrows outfit, the dog with the keys as a pet and many more things that just make this update so exciting.

So if you were thinking of playing, what’s stopping you? Come join us in the seas and try your luck!


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