Sea of Thieves Journal locations for all Siren Shrines


The Journal Locations for all Six Siren Shrines

There are six Siren Shrines in total:

• Shrine of Ancient Tears
• Shrine of Tribute
• Shrine of Ocean’s Fortunes
• Shrine of the Coral Tomb
• Shrine of Flooded Embrace
• Shrine of Hungering

Each shrine is unique and is similar to the Gold Hoarder vaults seen in the game already (just underwater). Players will have to complete puzzles, battle Sirens, and Coral Skeletons, and get the opportunity to learn more about the lore of Sea of Thieves. Of course, there will also be plenty of loot on offer too.

Shrine of Ancient Tears Secret Journals

1. Shrine of Ancient Tears
The first journal in the area can be found upon immediately venturing into the Shrine of Ancient Tears. After you’ve descended to the large chamber for the first time, make your way over to the stone altar by the well and uncover the first journal laying next to it. Read it and then you can make your way over to the next journal.

2. Strange Tales
To find the second journal, descend the well and find it laying on top of a stone altar. To descend the well, you can drain it or simply swim down. At the bottom of the well, either run or swim east to find the stone altar with the journal on top of it. Read this one as well.

3. The Chest of Everlasting Sorrow
After you’ve made it through the Floor Plate puzzle, you can find the third journal in the area. Immediately upon completing the puzzle, make your way up to the second floor where a new door has opened up. The door to the room holds some treasure and the journal resting on top of a barrel. As always, read it.

4. Fate of the Silver Blade
Once you’ve lit all eight braziers in the central chamber, you can make your way to the fourth journal. It’s found by entering the room to the west that opens up after lighting the braziers. The room will lead to another room with four paintings and columns. Next to the column with a crab on it is the fourth journal.

5. Return of the Silver Blade
The final journal is inside the Turtle Puzzle chamber. This comes after making your way through the Butterfly Puzzle chamber. Inside of the Turtle Puzzle, you will find the last journal in the southwest part of the chamber next to a lever. Read it and this will unlock the Shrine of Ancient Tear’s commendation.

Shrine of Tribute Secret Journals

1. Shrine of Tribute
Once you enter the Shine or Tribute, you can swim further down and find a room to enter. From here, find the Siren Statue Puzzle mural, do a quick turnaround and discover the first journal lying next to red coral. Read the journal and then progress on with the area.

2. My Friends!
Still, in the room with the mural, head further down and find a tunnel that’s going in the opposite direction of the mural. There will be a few rooms along the way but you want the one that has a plethora of blue coral and a vent. Swim down to the vent’s base to find the second journal.

3. The Warrior and the Sea Queen
Continue to swim away from the mural and down the tunnel. At one point, you will find a Siren Statue, which you need to swim around and find another tunnel that goes east. From the tunnel, you’ll stumble upon a room with red coral. In this room, there is a stone partition on the right sidewall. Inside of this partition is the third journal.

4. The Sea Queen’s Army
You’ll need to have solved the Siren Statue puzzle to have access to this journal. Once the puzzle is beaten, the water level will rise and give you access to a new path on the eastern side of the room. Once at the path, jump on top of the throne statue to reach the other side of the room. The fourth journal will be laying on top of some coral on the other side of the statue.

5. Mermaid Gems
Once you have solved the Floor Plate puzzle, you will see the large statue move in the middle of the room. This will lead you down a secret path where you can find the last journal sitting on a stone altar. You will need to swim down the entire path to find the altar. Read this journal and you will unlock the Shrine of Tribute commendation.

Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune Secret Journals

1. Your Beautiful World
The first journal for this shrine is located as soon as you enter the shrine. You can find the journal on some planks that are to the right of the large column in the middle of the room.

2. I’m Close, I Can Feel It
In the same room as the first shrine, you’ll need to find a ladder and climb up it, using the pulley to clear a path to the anchor. Once at the anchor, turn left into a room and you can find the journal by the coral lever that opens the adjacent jail cell.

3. Love is Stronger than Hate
After you’ve defeated the skeletons in the main chamber, you can find the third journal. Once you lower and cross the mast of the ship, you’ll have to defeat even more skeletons. If you do, then you can pick up the third journal right before you cross the planks to the anchor.

4. I Have Failed You
On the second floor of the shine is where you can find the fourth journal. However, you need to defeat several skeletons and ocean crawlers before you can effectively look for the journal. Once the enemies are defeated, you need to the northwest side of the chamber and find the journal lying next to some plants.

5. Do Not Give Up Hope
Go up one floor of the shrine to find the last journal. At the top of the chamber, you will see a large statue. Go to the right of the statue to find the journal lying on top of a shipwreck piece. Read this journal and all of the rest to earn the Mystery of the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune commendation.

Shrine of the Coral Tomb Secret Journals

1. Seashell Earring
You can enter the Shrine or Coral Tomb on a waterslide of sorts. Once down in the chamber, you can find the first journal of the area once you swim deeper in the pool of water you landed in. The journal will be lying on some stone adjacent to a chest. Read it and then proceed on.

2. The Hidden Kingdom
After you’ve solved the Coral Level puzzle in the next portion of the shrine, you can find the second journal. Once the water level rises after defeating the puzzle, you can enter a room just above the water. The room will hold a yellow lever on the back wall that has the second journal sitting right next to it on a rock.

3. The Sea Queen and Her Warrior
The next journal becomes available to you after solving the second Coral Lever puzzle. After you’ve defeated the puzzle, you can swim down underneath the water to find a room that takes you northeast. Inside of this room is a red level that has the third journal lying next to it by a rock.

4. The Whispering Plague
Once you’ve solved all three Coral Lever puzzles, you can find the fourth journal. The water level will rise once you solve the last of the puzzles and this opens another room on the west side of the chamber. Enter the room to find the fourth journal sitting in front of a pile of skulls on the ground down the path a bit.

5. The Sunken Kingdom
The fifth and final journal is located in the main chamber once you’ve solved all of the puzzles. The water level has risen and you can now climb up a path on the northeast side. Atop this path is the fifth journal sitting next to a barrel to the right of a statue. Read it and all of the others to earn the Mystery of the Shrine of Coral Tomb commendation.

Shrine of Flooded Embrace Secret Journals

1. Shrine of Flooded Embrace
To start, you can find the first journal as soon as you enter the shrine. Outside the Captain’s Cabin, you need to swim straight along the deck and past the center mast. From here, swim into the hull and locate the air pocket. The surface at the air pocket and you will find the first journal laying next to yellow coral. Read it and then keep exploring the ship.

2. The Sirens
From the spot you’re in with the first journal, exit the ship through the hull to the south. There will be another shipwreck outside, which you need to swim underneath. Once under the ship, there will be a door that you can open to enter the ship. Inside the ship, you can find the second journal.

3. Mermaid Gems
Swim out of the door you came in on the ship and keep going down until you reach the middle of the shrine. From here, you should see a pink Coral Orb on the south side of the shrine. Put some damage into the orb and keep swimming past the window to find an air pocket. Surface into the air pocket and you’ll find the third journal along with treasure, supplies, and a statue.

4. Siren Gems
Leave the room with the third journal and head directly down from the way you came in. Back in the chamber and directly below the room with the third journal will be some shipwreck debris, plants, and coral. On top of this debris is where you will find the fourth journal.

5. A Great Battle
The fifth and final journal is located at the very bottom of the shrine. You can find it next to some coral on the north side of the shipwreck that’s on the opposite side of the Coral Plinth with the Breath of the Sea.

Shrine of Hungering Secret Journals

1. Shrine of Hungering
Along the path to the center of the Shrine, you will come across a journal right after the first Undersea Vent. It will be in the hands of a skeleton laying on the ground in the center of several tall green plants. Read it, and you will have uncovered your first secret.

2. The Warrior
Once you complete the first Siren statue puzzle, it will cause the water to rise and you can now swim up to a platform in the chamber that has a geyser on it. The journal here is next to the ammo chest, just right of the Gem Siren Statue on the Northside of the chamber. Read it to uncover the second secret of the Shrine!

3. The Warrior – Unmasked
After completing the third puzzle and reaching the next platform that just became accessible, continue up the path. Walk over the Kraken spine and then walk over the mast beam. As soon as you walk off the mast beam, you will see a pile of wooden planks in front of you to the South East. Laying amongst the planks is another journal. Reading it will uncover another secret.

4. The High Priest
From the third journal, hop across some bones sticking out of the wall to the large Megalodon jawbone and dispatch the Coral Skeletons that will ambush you. Before you shoot the pink Coral Orb to continue through, hop across the platforms made of bones to the North. Hidden in the grass at the base of the Siren Statue across the way will be another journal. Read it to uncover the fourth secret.

5. A Great Evil
From the fourth journal, hop back over to the Megalodon jawbone and hit the pink Coral Orb to go through the Siren Window in the mouth of the Megalodon jawbone. Next, you will swim through a small tunnel to another Siren Window. At the base of the Siren Window, on the other side, will be the fifth and final journal. Shoot the pink Coral Orb and swim through the airlock to the journal. Read it to uncover the last secret.

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