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Hey, everyone! Shibo here! I’m just a silly millennial who enjoys card games like Hearthstone. I dabble into other games as well, such as League of Legends when I’m feeling punchy, or Solitaire if my Hearthstone opponents are taking too long to finish their turns. I have a cold, sterile background in journalism, but I also have a kooky, silly self-taught background in video editing. Here’s how I merged the two passions!

Card games fascinate me, as I enjoy explaining concepts and strategies to improve people’s perceptions and comprehensions on various topics. My content will help enlighten you on the various happenings and changes in Hearthstone. I will also discuss strategies and how to win when I get the chance. With that said, my articles may appear stiff and pragmatic, but that’s so I can communicate complicated ideas in the clearest and most concise way possible.

However, I’m also here to have fun. My videos, though I try to be clear with those, take a lot more liberties with style than my writing. I grew up enjoying nonsensical shows like “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” so you may see a lot of that influencing my work. I want to have fun with what I create, so I hope you also find my content to be silly but also entertaining!

My mascot is based on the Hearthstone card Blink Fox. It reminded me so much of my Shiba Inu dog. So, I had my artist make a Blink Shibe version. I think it works out well. Also, disclaimer: I am not a furry. I get that all the time with how my artist draws my mascot, but that is not who I am. No shame if you’re a furry, just be sure to not mistake me for one.

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