Similar but Different – A Spirit and Nurse Overview


When you get into playing killer you’ll find that there are a lot of them and they all have some different to bring to the table. I’ve heard people comparing Spirit and Nurse a lot so I decided to speak to two people who main them. Here’s what they said.

                                                 The Spirit

The person I spoke to for the Spirit was SVM and she had this to say when I asked her why Spirit. SVM is a rank one killer and below will be her link to her twitch if you find you want more information or tips on playing Spirit.

Why Spirit?

Reason why I choose The Spirit is because she feels like you have more player interaction. You can play the loop a lot and it makes the game more interesting to me. I enjoy The Grudge and with The Spirit it shows the traditional Japanese vengeful spirit. 

Author note  I looked up the word for this and it’s Onryō.

Did you read The Spirits backstory?

Oh yeah! It follows the Japanese vengeful spirit background idea; where a great tragedy befalls them and normally involves their death. Her father becoming so stressed that he decided the best way to end it all was to kill his sick wife and then go after his daughter. Close to death The Entity comes to her and offers her vengeance and  in exchange, she comes with The Entity.


What are your thoughts on her design?

When I first saw her on the PTS – Public Test Build  –  I knew that was it, that’s who  I’m maining. With the way she looked and you could hear her glass crunching as she moved. I was sold. Plus the Samurai sword was awesome.

Getting into The Spirit

A general tip is; do not run pallets like a normal killer. You don’t need brute force at a pallet, She has the same problem as the nurse were she is slow. Keep eyes on a survivor while you fake a haunting because most survivors will run from the pallet or even walk away, if they think you are haunting. Mind games are a must.


What are your thoughts on people saying Spirit and Nurse being the same?

I hear this sometimes and I can see that but my personal belief is you have more control with the nurse. The nurse is hard to counter once she sees you. Where with the spirit her power has a longer cooldown and if you make a mistake you will pay for it. You need to play the mind games and judge if you are near a survivor or not while in her haunt. I think both are good killers but completely different in play styles. 

This is SVM’s friend’s clip showing this build in use. 

The Spirit is SVM.

Perk Build you like:

General perk I love is Dark Devotion. I run this on a lot of my killers. It can be pretty fun to play.
The build I am having a lot of fun playing right now is 
Thrilling Tremors,  HEX: Devror Hope, Dark Devotion, Tinkerer

HEX: Devour hope is great to catch survivors off guard as most survivors if they don’t see ruin they will rarely go out of their way to do totems. Giving you time to easily get to 3 stacks and stall the game while they are forced to find your totem.

Thrilling Tremors is great just to track survivors and figure out what gen they are working on. You could replace this with any gen defense perk really, think this is preference.


Tinkerer being a hybrid perk in this case to let us know what gens are close to being finished while also giving us another way to approach a gen in stealth in case our power is down. Between dark devotion and this survivors will think twice before jumping back onto a gen.

Dark Devotion is our misdirection perk. While the obsession has a terror radius if another survivor is inside the survivors terror radius they will not hear the spirits phasing sound if she is close. Letting spirit catch survivors who are out of position.

                                              The Nurse

The person I spoke to about Nurse was Dread For Death. He has many hours playing just Nurse and is a rank one Nurse main. Below is his link to his Twitch if you want more information or tips on playing Nurse.

Why Nurse?

That’s a good question that are a lot of reasons why i decided to be a nurse main. First was I was interested in her was seeing how powerful she was, watching another streamer play her at her full potential. I stayed with her because I feel like I can stand a chance against four strong survivors who came in to win. But I know with nurse I can win.

Did you read The Nurse’s backstory?

Her story is interesting but it never made me think oh I’m going to play her now. I just really love playing nurse.


What are your thoughts on her design?

My answer to this is the same as before. I just really liked how powerful she is and decided that’s who I want to play.

Getting into The Nurse

My best advice: If you can, find a friend and go in a custom game. Use the Nurse addons ( GREEN = Fragile Wheeze –  Recharge + BROWN = Plaid Flannel – Blink Locator ). Use these to understand when the blink can go and how long you need to charge it. When your comfortable knowing where the blink can go. Take off Plaid Flannel and NEVER put it back on. After a long while of practicing without plaid flannel, blinking with nurse will become natural the more time you spend on her. Plaid flannel is to simply help you understand where the blink can go, after that your fine. It’s just experience from there. This is exactly what I did when I wanted to learn Nurse.

What are your thoughts on people saying Nurse and Spirit being the same?

Yes and no. Strategy wise nurse is strong. but playwise a spirit will beat a nurse. Tt all comes down to how they are played and if one or the other makes a mistake. Nurse can recover from their mistakes faster where the spirit has that longer recharge.  Another thing is I believe the nurse has more map pressure as the spirit can’t go through walls in her power, where the nurse can go where she wants.

This is Dread and his clip of showing how this build works.

Jumpscare Nurse: Whispers + Monitor & Abuse + Barbecue & Chili + Infectious Fright | Double Range = Kavanagh’s Last Breath + Heavy Panting

This is the build that is based around getting the jump on survivors at generators. Use Whispers to detect survivors near gens. Monitor & Abuse to give survivors less of a warning when approaching gens as you have base terror radius at 32 – brought down to 24, so when you Whispers lights up survivors don’t get a heartbeat. Then double range allows the 1st blink to travel around 30meters, thus getting the jump on survivor. BEWARE OF SPINE CHILL. BBQ is for going to your next target, infectious for snowball + monitor & abuse will increase the range on infectious. That’s the build.


Gloomy again. I think doing this article for you all really showed me how much killer mains love their killers but aren’t awful about it. Most of the time these guys are going out there to just have fun with the game they like to play.  

But if you feel like you want to do more with your Spirit or Nurse gameplay, contact these two! I know I will be!

Gloomy is normally around if you have any questions. Check out her links here to meet up with her.