Some Free Resources For Streamers


As a small and beginner streamers and even the large streamers use these sites and for some reason they aren’t widely known. 

If you are a small or just starting out streamer you’re probably feeling a little over your head trying to figure out bots, streaming platforms, etc etc. Believe me it can be so confusing and with all the options out there. Now if you are looking for what computer to get or parts, this is the wrong post for you. Sorry but this is just free sites that give you a lot of help.  So you’re still around? Then let’s get into it!

       Streaming Software

So you want to start streaming. If you are using a computer to do so the two most common streaming platforms are Open Broadcaster Software  – OBS –  and StreamLabs Open Broadcaster Software – SLOBS -. Which has their perks with little downside to either or. Both are free and easy to download and use. 

Personally I made the switch to SLOBS and I am loving how its very user friendly. Picking one or the other is a personal choice and doesn’t change how you stream. 

                                                                Bots and Overlays

Above are some pictures of sites for bots and or overlays. Having overlays or a bot for your channel is a personal choice. Some people love having things over their gameplay or alerts pop up for them. StreamLabs, StreamElements, MixItUp, and Pixel chat have a lot for the streamer to use for overlays and alerts. Getting them added into your OBS or SLOBS is very simple then it’s just up to you on how big or small it is.  I’ll cover the MixItUp overlays for another post as this is more work but worth it.

Doing a small overview on bots as there is a lot of bots that all do the same thing with their own spin on things. Nightbot, StreamLabs, StreamElements, and MixItUp are great bots. The first three being web base bots. Web base bots are great for that streamer who doesn’t want to download a program on their computers. Simply go to the site add the bot to your channel and go through the commands you want for your channel. This is so helpful for yourself and your mods to have a bot. You can put links to your twitter or discord.  You can even do your gamer tag so your viewers can simply type in !gt and message you to play with you.

MixItUp is a bot but unlike the ones above this is a program you download for free on your computer. This bot will be covered in another topic as it is a game  changer in the world of bots. It just takes time to get everything the way you want it.

                            Free Games for your stream

Free games? Yeah right. But no this is no lie or joke.  These are two sites I use to get games and they only ask that you stream the game you are given. Both sites are free to sign up on and you  check the sites and see what games they have offered and apply for it. If you do get picked for the game you applied for all they ask is for you to stream it for an hour or two. 

Sometimes they will email you offering you keys or offers they think you would like and they want you to check out.  So not only do you get free games its free content for your streams with sometimes brand new games.  Definitely check these out as who knows? You may find your next favorite game like I did!

                                    Viewer Interactions

Sometimes it’s really hard to find the right balance with this. Some people struggle with it and some don’t.  None of these will replace you speaking with your chat but it sure gives something to your stream and your viewers. 

StreamLoots is an amazing website that  you guessed it free for you to use and gives your community something to use on you! Simply sign up go through the steps to get your first collection set up and once ten cards are used you get the streamer role which opens the rest of the site for you. Your viewers can buy chests to get 3 cards from your collection(s) and depending on the game you are playing they can use these cards to make you stop or go do something. You can even gift chests out for whatever reason you want.  We will go through this on another post because streamloots is a very cool site that you can earn money for free and all you do is stream.

Kappamon is just too cute not to be on here.  Kappamon is an awesome site that has some free virtual pets that are placed in your OBS or SLOBS and they do so much stuff. At the moment I am using a kitty. This kitty waves and welcomes in everyone when they first type into my chat. It has reactions if someone follows, subs, resubs, plays one of the many chat games  available in my channel. You can do keywords with it and when someone types one in it makes your pet react with a message or a gif, whatever it is you made it to do.  I know a few of my members love setting this cat off and I’m sure yours will too.

When push comes to shove if you want  help it’s just a matter of asking fellow streamers. Most like myself love helping.  Believe me you came to the right site if you are looking for tips. 

                                                                                                                   Keep gaming you lovely gamers.

Gloomy is normally around if you have any questions. Check out her links here to meet up with her.