Streamloots And You


Were you like me and saw them used in someone else’s stream and thought “I really like this!” You quickly signed up and maybe even go through your community using the cards.  But now what? Let me help you with that!

Setting up Streamloots

First things first. Make sure you are signed up and Streamloots is very user friendly allowing you to sign in with your Twitch or YouTube account. They also walk you through how to make your first collection. Yes you are stuck with what you see until you complete the achievement – Have 10 cards used.

If you have this achievement left to do ask your community to help out. Streamloots gives you a code to share with your friends to collect a free chest and each chest has 3 cards. With that in mind you just need four people to use the code and play the cards.


Once you get that part done your dashboard will look like this. In order of the video  the bottom right shows your rank on streamloots. You’ll start off as a streamer and you have to go through the achievements  they ask you to do to work up partner. Next is the news. So anytime something new happens they let you know there.  The left side is your management area.  

Management area has your collections tab that has manage my collection and my collection. Manage my collection is where you can you guessed manage your collections! Where my collections lets you customize or oranigze your collections.

Next up is  gift and discounts. this is where you can gift chests out to users and make coupons.

These four tabs is what we will be covering in this article.

                                Gifting and Coupons

How you use these two are truly up to you. Some people gift out chests to users that become subs on their channel or do giveaways with them. Just know that when you gift the chests out those cards will be used against you. 

With that cheery note gifting chests are super easy to do. Simply click on Gift packs, select what collection you want to give them packs from, type in and select the user – this part you have to make sure they have an account to do this – and finally how many packs they are getting. Once you have these filled out click send and have fun.

Making a coupon is effortless. Click Coupons then + Create Coupon. It will bring a slide menu up and you pick the number of users that can use it and what sort of coupon it is. So you can do a free chest to the first five people to click on it or give them a discount on your packs. 

 The next three personally I leave checked unless I want the coupon to have a time limit. You can even pick what collection the code works with or doesn’t, here.  Once you’re done click create coupon and give out the link or code to your viewers.

                                        My Collections

In this tab you can see how many collections you have and which ones are active or not. You can also create new collections. Your options for your collections is found here too.  So if you what to pause a collection for an hour or for your whole stream so you can just play without worrying about cards being used against you or the moment you want to delete a collection.

NOTE: If you delete a collection and your viewers have cards in that collection; warn them ahead of time that those cards are going to be disappearing.

For this example we are going to make a collection. Your first collection that has more than the basic cards they let you pick from. Not saying those cards aren’t good though, I still use many of them in mine. It really allows you to customize your cards to your viewers.

                       Creating Your First Collection

Ok so now on to the fun parts of having your own collection and the freedom that Streamloots gives you to create.

Click +Create Collection and you will see this slide menu come up. From here you need to make a name – I named this one test –  then you select the categories or tags for your collection.  I did other and variety just to show it but pick the one you want this collection to be.

Now you can do the collection logo. Streamloots has a lot to pick from but if you are feeling arty you can upload your own logo for your collection. 

Once that’s set its on to how the chest themselves will look.  Once again if are feeling arty you can upload a custom chest or pick one from the streamloots designs. I took one from the streamers and show the streamer chests in the video. 

Once you got this all set up you can set this collection as your default from here. If everything looks good click create collection in the bottom right hand corner.

                              Manage My Collection

If you click here and don’t see your new collection; don’t worry! It is there you just need to switch over to it. 

In the upper left hand corner you should see a collections name and under it change collection. Click on that and go find the one you just made. I just made the test one so that’s the one I’m selecting.

Time for the collection building! 

Click add cards and it will pop up two choices for you. One is if you are arty and made your own you can upload them. But for this example – not because I’m not arty of course not – we will be choosing Streamloots Orginals.

From here you can choose what you want your collection to have. Streamloots has made a lot of premade collections for you to use so check them out! For this one I decided to make a Call of Duty collection but you pick what you want.  Once you picked which one you want go through the cards and select the ones you want in yours. When you are happy with the amount of cards click the big green button.

It gives you two choices to either make more or to go to your collection. I went back to my collection.

This part is the easiest part. Once you are ready to publish the cards you selected, simply click the box to select all your cards then go to the drop-down menu and click publish. 

Just like that your collection is ready to go! Just go back and make sure it’s active in collections and have fun!

Everything else is user choice but a noteworthy part I love is the crafting mode. Gives your viewers a chance to make a card they want to use.

To save you from even more reading we are going to end this here. But I hope you now have a better idea on how Streamloots work and how to get your collections going.  If you were hoping to see a bot that can help you with Streamloots check out MixItUp bot. As far as I know that is the only bot that has a Streamloots connection. 

Gloomy is normally around if you have any questions. Check out her links here to meet up with her.