Surviving as a Survivor – Dead By Daylight


Surviving as a Survivor

Well welcome back. Hopefully this means you want to learn more about this evil game that all players of it love to hate.  Maybe you came back because you played a few matches and realized there is a lot more to the game. Maybe you just saw this and figured “before I jump in…” either way I hope this helps.

In this post we are going to in depth on how to be a survivor and hopefully helps you survive a little more.

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                                  Skill Checks

For something so simple it is one of the most challenging things to learn as a survivor. These evil little things are everywhere for you with different looks and meanings. Skill checks for generator repair or healing will look like this one here. One way for you to know one of these will pop up is the classic sound that will always play a moment before it appears. 

Failing this will regress any progress on what you are doing. It will also alert the killer where you are at. To avoid that you need to stop the red line that spins within the white bar. The clear white bar which is the larger of the two is called a good skill check. This stops you alerting the killer. The smaller, harder to hit filled in white bar is called a great skill check. This will give you a bonus towards repairing and healing.  For beginners try to just hit the skill check. 


There are five totems on every map. Hidden away in nooks and crannies. Sometimes they will look like the one on the left. Lit and burning meaning the killer as a perk called a Hex perk. Breaking this will make the killer lose that perk for the rest of the match. Most of the time the totems will look like the one on the right. Unlit but don’t let that fool you. There is a killer perk called Hex: Undying. This will move another hex to an unlit totem, making it harder to get rid of. Sometimes the killer will bring in a perk called Hex: No One Escapes Death or more commonly known as NOED. This perk will only active when all the generators are done and there is at least one unlit totem left on the map. If you see these bad boys break it. If a killer brings in NOED and gets to use it; it’s on the survivors not the killer. Plus gives you bloodpoints.


Pallets as shown to the right are very useful for a survivor. This hunk of wood can keep the killer busy to break it or force them to walk around keeping them farther from you.  Now all pallets are the same but there are some that spawn that if the killer doesn’t break immediately will make a area extremely safe for a survivor. These are called God Pallets. 

If you spawned on a map that has a Killer Shack, the pallet there is always a God Pallet. When you play with higher ranking players or watch a video on Dead By Daylight you will hear them refer to this pallet sometimes in angry. That’s because within the community it’s believe almost sinful to throw this pallet down when 2 or none generators have been finished yet. And if you are playing with a swf team and don’t say you threw it… it’s a very touchy subject. 



A long time running joke within the community is “Dwight is always in a locker.” But when it works, it works. 

Lockers are sometimes a great place to hide if you start to hear the sound of the killer coming to you. Killers can open the lockers and there’s even one who collects the hatchets from the lockers to throw but this takes time for the killer to do so and most of the time they don’t bother with checking lockers unless they know someone was in the area.  Just don’t run into the locker. This will cause a sound and alert the killer. If the killer finds you in a locker you are thrown on a shoulder and slapped on a meat hook. 



               The Hooks

So these are the killers best friend and your worse.  These are the killer will place you. Joyful news though. You can temporary break these if you come in with or find a toolbox from a chest.  

A fair warning though. The hooks found in the Killer’s Basement – pictured on the left – can not be broken. Try not to get caught in that basement. 


Without an offering to spawn more in there will always be three chests to find on every map. One is always going to be in a corner of the killer’s basement. For those who dare enter and find it.
These can be super useful for any survivor as it’s random contents will help you. Medkits will help you heal yourself. Toolboxes can break hooks or make the repairs on a generator go faster for a short time.  Flashlights can be used to blind the killer, if used correctly and help you escape them or for the bold user get the killer to release the survivor on their shoulders.
If you are lucky and escape the trial with an item you found you get to keep it to use later.

Hopefully with a better understanding of what is around you in the game you can manage to escape more often now, with some goodies. 

                                                                                         Good luck and try to avoid those hooks my friend. 

                                                                                                                          See you in the reams.

Photo Credit:  Behaviour Interactive

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